I Love My Soldier: My plans for today....

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My plans for today....

Dolled Up

Good morning everyone! I have yet another busy day planned. Once I get my typing done (Medical Transcription - atleast whats due today) then the kids and I are going to get ready to run errands. Busy, busy, busy... lol, It never slows down! But that's ok, it keeps me young!

Off The Rack

First off is a trip by the bank, then a trip to Goodys Clothing. The girls need new bathing suits (as they are going to their nanna's this weekend - their dad is coming in town from Indiana for Memorial Day Weekend.... and their Nanna has a pool). Goodys has really cute clothes, plus they offer a MILITARY DISCOUNT!! (which is MUCH appreciated!! - thanks to all the businesses that offer discounts to our military and the families). The kids are excited about getting new bathing suits!


Then we need to make a trip to the grocery store, fun fun fun.. haha Grocery shopping is not much fun, but something that has to be done (of course I need to clip those coupons and look through the flyers to see where the deals are this week - see shopping is too complicated, but hey if you do it right you can save $$$).


When we get home, I need to burn those other CDs the girls requested, which we didn't get to yesterday.

Mowing The Lawn

Uhhh then I really need to cut the grass again! Hmmm, I probably could put this off till Friday or Saturday, but I do want to keep the yard looking nice. We will just have to see how the day goes.


AND...at 2:00 I am going to get on the Web Cam with my Sweetie! (best part of my day!!!!!!!!!!). Yesterday I got really emotional talking to him and teared up. I don't do that often (in front of him) because I know he has a hard time being away from us to, and I know there is nothing that we can do about it. I try to stay strong and supportive, but yesterday thinking about how I won't get to hold him again for another 7 months (IF he gets to come on in December for a two week break) just really got to me!! I love that man SOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!

Feed Me

ok, ok, back to planning my day.... I also need to figure out what I am cooking for dinner tonight, hmmm? Maybe something really quick and easy tonight... ok, I convienced myself.. that sounds good to me!!

American Idol

Tonight my best friend Sharon is coming over to watch the Finale of American Idol Season 4 with us ~ Go Bo Bice!! ~


LOL..... Ok, maybe I am enjoying the emoticons a little too much today.. but it's all FUN and they make me SMILE! (and believe me, I need to smile because I do get stressed and down sometimes - and we dont want that do we?).

So, I hope everyone has a really great day!!
Love ya!


At 4:45 PM, Anonymous momma said...

I love the smiley faces!!!!!
love, mom


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