I Love My Soldier: Schools Out

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Monday, May 23, 2005

Schools Out


School's out!! The girls are so excited to have the summer off. No more school till August!


Monday morning started off pretty much as normal, although I didnt have to take the girls to school. I got up to get my transcription started. Alex and Hayden both got up as well. I cooked breakfast and sat down to start on my work. Erin slept in late and when she woke up she came walking in my office (still looking half asleep). She didnt realize it...but... she had a BIG wad of gum in her hair! ahhhhh. We got in the kitchen got some cooking oil and got it out. LOL, then she had this really greasy hair from the cooking oil, we just laughed. She had to go get a shower and wash it out.


Erin played outside alot today, however Alex and Hayden didnt want to go outside. They wanted to play with Alex's new Pet Shop toys and the Hello Kitty computer game. They both went back and fourth between these two toys all day. I was really surprised that Hayden did so well with the computer game, as he just turned 3. However, he could move and point and click the mouse. The Hello Kitty game had several games that he was able to play too (games that required you match shapes and colors). He looked so cute sitting at their desk playing. I recently moved their desk and computer into one side of my office. I had to reformat their computer and put it back to its original state (as Hayden had been messing with it). Now that its in my office He will not be able to do that! I need to reload all of their other games too.

Mix Master

Today the girls wanted me to burn them some CDs. They both had a list of songs they wanted, so we got all the songs downloaded, burned and listen to some music. They both wanted a "country music" cd, however tomorrow they want me to burn them a cd with "christian music", so we will do that tomorrow as well.

I Love You Email

I talked to my Sweetie today via Web Cam. We talked for about an hour, I love talking to him, but hate when we have to let each other go. I know I am very fortunate that we get to communicate as much and the way we do, but nothing compares to having him home! I miss him so much..... We let each other go and he was going to be getting ready for his shift soon. He seemed in much better spirits today as he had two off days coming (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Well Im off to bed.. "Night Night" all.


At 8:41 PM, Blogger GI Wife said...

Whew, my kids are in school till Friday at noon, so I still got a little free time left on my hands.
Cooking oil to get gum out of hair? hadnt heard of that one. Not like mine have alot of hair to get gum caught in, but still good to remember.


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