I Love My Soldier: Typical day...."Blah"

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Typical day...."Blah"

Face Plant
Today.. another typical day.. Starting to think maybe my life is pretty boring! Well not "boring" (It's never boring) but maybe "routine" is the better word to describe it. Well maybe "routine" doesnt describe it either.. "Hectic" (yes that is definetly one word) hmmm I dont know exactly how to describe my life.

Partly Cloudy

I actually slept in a little late.. not too bad, but later than normal. Then I got up and got busy with my transcription. I had lots to do today and I seemed to be having a hard time getting it done. It has rained the past couple of days (off and on today) so weather was not so great outside and the kids were having lots of FUN inside!! I tried my best to get the kids to stay in the back of the house, but kids will be kids. They wanted to watch the big 61" widescreen.. so I said ok, if they were quiet (as my office is close to the living room). They were pretty good, but a few times I sent them to the back to play.

Shopping 2

We took a break and went and picked up a few things from the grocery store. ohhh I bought a box of cake mix "Duncan Hines Signature Desserts Chocolate Peanut Butter" oh my gosh! It looks like it will be so yummy!! I had so much to do today and we didnt get time to make it, but tomorrow.. oh tomorrow I am making it for sure!

After the grocery store it was back home. The kids and I fixed sandwhiches and chips for lunch... quick lunch and then back to typing. Well, as much as I could do.. the kids kept being loud ... and they were fighting.. and .. and... (uhhh I wish the weather was better so they could go outside for a while). Ok Deanne quit complaining!!

Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE MY KIDS.. Its just summers are harder to get my work done (especially when its yucky outside and they are inside ALL day its "ahhhhhh") However my kids are so precious to me!

What A Mess
Hayden, our 3-year-old son wanted to lay down for a nap, however he wanted to lay in momma's bed. So I said ok... at this point I just wanted him to lay down so I could get some work done. About 20 minutes later he comes walking in my office (obviously he had NOT been asleep) and he was covered in powder (head to toe).. but the powder smelled!! I asked him to show mommy where he got the powder from. Well it wasnt regular powder it was "Gold Bond Medicated Powder". So I cleaned up the mess and gave him a bath. After the bath he was ready for a nap (later than normal but he was ready) so he got in his bed and went to sleep for about a hour.

Heart Eyes
Then the hubby logged onto Yahoo Messenger and we connected through the web cams and chatted for a bit. Ahhh.. just to see his face and hear his voice.. to see his smile! My day was getting better! We talked for a little while then I had to let him go so I could finish up the last few jobs I had to type, and fix dinner. (hmmm I dont know if you would call it a real dinner. I fixed chilli dogs and fries.. yeah I know NOT much of a healthy meal is it?? I will get back in the swing of things and fix a good meal tomorrow!!). Afterwards I logged back on with my "Sweetie" and we got to chat for quite a while as it was his off day.

Bang Your Head
When we got off the computer I got busy with work that was due tomorrow (as Erin has a dentist appointment in the morning and I don't want my work to be late so I did it tonight). type, type, type, ... kids, kids, kids.... stopped threw a load of clothes in the dryer... type, type, type... got the girls to get baths... type, type, type, "kids stop yelling, mommy is trying to work".. type, type, type. Yes! Finished!

The girls were ready for bed, I was finished typing and Hayden was still NOT sleepy (uhh I hate when he takes late naps), but he was fussy fussy fussy! I think he was tired, just not sleepy. I finally got him down and in his bed (shhh I have to be quiet... atleast I think he is asleep). Then I just wanted to chill, visted a few blogs, and got on one of the Military Wife Forums I talk on... basically the only adults I really talk to with are online (Besides talking to Jason on the webcam, and well my mom did call today, oh and my friend Sharon called yesterday.. LOL I need a life!!! I need to talk to more adults).
Rolling Eyes
Now here I am writing in my blog... its late, its quiet, hmmm now maybe its too quiet, I miss my hubby, Im tired, not really sleepy.. just tired, I'm bored, I'm lonely, I don't know exactly how I feel, I'm just blah!! Ever feel just blah??? I feel guilty about feeling blah too. Hard to explain..

Well I still need to get a bath, a well rested night, and then its up tomorrow to start all over again. Night Night all!


At 1:32 PM, Blogger GiGI said...

The majority of my friends are online as well. I have met a few of them in person. I just wish I had more "in realy life" friends. Some one I could go shopping with, go to a coffee shop with or to see a chick flick with. Maybe one day I will find a friend I can do that with. *hugs*


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