I Love My Soldier: Weekend with Jason

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Weekend with Jason

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Saturday I would have loved to have slept in really late, but that just didn't happen. The rain was horrible early Saturday morning and of course it woke the kids up. However, once the storm passed over, I got up and decided to get some typing (Medical Transcription) done and I worked until noon.

Jason got outside and washed the roof of the camper (He has been taking care of all kinds of things before he heads back to Germany on Wednesday). Having the camper has been great, but we are trying to sell it. We financed it two weeks before we found out Jason was getting deployed. We did get to go camping in it twice before he left. Jason asked the kids if they would rather keep the camper or buy a larger house with a bigger yard.... they went for the larger house. We are going to try to sell the camper so that when Jason returns from Germany next year we can start looking for a new house.


Also Saturday me, Jason and the kids played Scrabble. Jason of course won, but the kids and I love playing too and had a great time (one day I will beat him). However we also played Uno, and YES I seemed to be the champion at Uno (hehe). Alex won a hand or two, but I had the least points when we finished playing. (go momma.. go momma hehe).

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Sunday I got up and cooked a big breakfast (mmm mmm good). We kicked back and watched a movie. Then Jason wanted to take the kids to the park....so

Swinging 2

We rode our bikes and took the kids to the playground over at the school. We had a great time!!!!! (SEE NEW PICTURES IN - ~ OUR PHOTO ALBUM ~ (http://ilovemysoldier.myphotoalbum.com//).


When we got home Jason did some yard work. We also put the cover over the camper, Jason fiddled out in the garage, etc, we talked to the young couple that moved in next door, Hayden played in the yard on his truck, the girls played around the house, then went down the street with their friends. I fiddled around the house and cooked dinner. Now Jason has gone over to his cousins to play cards with the boys, and here I am now writing in my blog.

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This Blog has really been great for me. I sit here and write my feelings and talk about what all is going on in my crazy life. Sometimes I feel like I tell too much, and sometimes I feel like I dont tell enough. Either way I am glad I have this blog (as it is something Jason gets to look at too when he is in Germany). It is a way for me to let him know JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM!!!

In the back of my mind WEDNESDAY keeps popping up! I don't want to think about Jason going back to Germany (and us not seeing him for who knows how long), but as that day gets closer and closer the reality of it is there. I was so lonely and missed him so much when he was gone. Although we got to talk on the phone I missed seeing his smile (love those dimples) and seeing all the funny expressions and remarks he makes, cuddling with him on the couch, and snuggling with him in bed, watching him and the kids play, and seeing them full of excitment having him home. I just have to make the best of the situation we are in, and look forward to his next visit home. I just really hope that Hayden doesnt take it too hard this time when Jason leaves. Now that Jason has been home to visit, I am scared that it will be harder on Hayden once Jason leaves. I know Hayden must be so confused and wonder why daddy has to leave again (even when we explain to him where daddy is). It is really hard on all of us.... and I cant help but sit here and cry and wish this whole damn thing was all over!!!! I know what Jason is doing is important and I am so extremely proud of him and realize he is making a big sacrifice by serving our country. I just miss him so much when he is not here with us. I just have to realize that every day that passes is a day closer to the day he will be home for good!!!!


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