I Love My Soldier: Another busy busy day..

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Another busy busy day..

I'm Busy
Today has been a busy day (already). First of all Erin had to go have the mold redone for her crown.. so we had to be at the dentist at 8:00 am.

When we got home Jason and I got on the web cam for a little while. Today is his day off and he has some things he is going to do so we didnt talk long, but will try to talk again late this afternoon (which will be late night for him) before the kids and I go to church.

Couple 2
Jason and I had a long talk last night... It is really hard on both of us with him being gone. We had kind of gotten into a "spat" yesterday, but we made up! He is going through a lot there (things going on there) and is still having a hard time dealing with the passing of his father (January). I too am dealing with a lot of issues at home (I also feel overwhelmed and stressed out big time!!!). Emotions run high on both ends and sometimes we both end up saying things we shouldnt. Marriage is hard enough these days to survive and being thousands of miles apart makes it that much more difficult. However we love each other and even though times can be tough, this deployment will make our marriage stronger than ever (as we have been able to communicate and open up more - since communication is all we have right now) . I love him sooooo much and I know that we will spend the rest of our lives together!

Well I am SUPER busy working (medical transcription) so better get back to that. Have a great day everyone!!


At 1:30 PM, Anonymous Niki said...

I hope you have a great day! I would love to chat with you one day about medical transcription.




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