I Love My Soldier: A bad day turns out good!

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A bad day turns out good!


Erin had to be at the dentist at 9:30 this morning and unfortunately we were told she had to have a root canal. (Erin, girl you have to take better care of those teeth... they have to last you. However I too need to stay on her about this and I also need to make sure we go for our 6 month cleanings too). So we were scheduled with an Endodontist at 1:00 p.m. We ran back home to eat lunch and I sent my Sweetie an email to let him know what we were going to do.


Then it was time to head out to the Endodontist. Back out again in this YUCKY weather (I wish it would stop raining so much). I hate getting the kids out in the rain!! However we made it to the dentist and Erin was such a great patient and did so well today. Afterwards we made a quick trip by the grocery store to pick-up a few items that we didn't get yesterday and then it was home to finally chat with my Sweetie for the day.

Reports ASAP
Jason and I chatted for a bit, but not too long today. Hayden had accidentally broken an old antique jar that was in the living room (that had belonged to Jason's grandfather) and I had to stop and clean up the mess before someone got hurt. Then my boss called and had two STAT jobs that needed to be typed ASAP. So Jason and I let each other go and said we would just chat tomorrow. I got my work done, fed the kids, and sat down to get some more typing done (since I had not worked all day, as we had been to the dentist and Endodontist).

Chatty 2
THEN... the phone rings and its my mother-in-law saying that Jason was wanting me to log back on to talk to me. I admit it scared me at first.. really. I was thinking why is she calling to tell me this? What is he wanting? I was remembering that Jason and I had said we would just talk tomorrow. It was his night off and he was tired and had told me he was going to go to bed early.. so why was he still up and needing to talk again? Of course I thought something must be wrong.... So I logged back into my Yahoo Instant Messenger to see what was up. Jason said for me to get the kids in there too as he had something he wanted to show them...............

Roller Coaster

Star 16It was the confirmation of where he made reservations at "Shades of Green" at Walt Disney World.. for 7 days in June of 2006. That is of course if they come home in April of 2006 (which we are praying that is the latest they will keep them). So not long after he returns home we will be heading to Disney World! Wooo Hooo!! We have never been and it is going to be a blast! Ohh I can't wait.. I am as excited as the kids... lol. I know it's a long ways away, but what a way to celebrate him coming home too. This is something to really look forward to and maybe this will make his deployment go by faster.

Oh and as far as that cake I was raving about making ... well I made it. BIG FLOP!! I'm sure it would have been good IF I had followed the directions.. but I didn't and the icing (see you have to make the icing) ohhh the icing didn't turn out right. Oh well, I guess I learned my lesson (READ THE DIRECTIONS CLEARLY).
Well I'm really tired so I will be off to bed in a bit.. I hope you all had a great day and an even better evening!!


At 8:45 PM, Blogger GiGI said...

That is awesome about Disney! My MIL and FIL work there and we went this past christmas. I am sure you all will have a blast.


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