I Love My Soldier: Washing, Washing, Washing...

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Saturday, June 18, 2005

Washing, Washing, Washing...

Pressure washing..Yep, that's what I've been doing. We have soooooo much concrete! Our drive way in the front is wide enough to park two cars in front of the house... the drive goes down the side of the house to the back yard where it leads to the garage and continues surrounding the large deck. So Friday I decide to tackle the back yard and get out the pressure washer. I cleaned a large portion of the concrete then stopped and cleaned half of the deck. It was getting late, as I got a late start so I called it quits for the evening.

Party Time

Saturday morning we slept in late, then woke up and just sat around until we had to get ready for a b'day party the kids were invited to. The party was at McDonalds and the kids had a great time. After the party we went by my moms and hung out with her a while.


Then it was back home to do MORE pressure washing!! I still needed to pressure wash the rest of the back deck, but decided to continue with the driveway. UHHHH I didnt realize we had sooo much concrete. I finished all the concrete around the deck and in front of the garage and started down the side of the house heading towards the front. I got all the way to the gate (half way through) and the pressure washer ran out of gas. YEAH!!! I was tired of holding that wand anyway! So I am going to save the remainder (half of side drive, front drive, front deck and rest of back deck) for next weekend. BUT I must say WOW the back is looking GOOD!!!!

However my outside work was not done for the day. I cut the grass in the front yard, then moved to the back yard to cut the back as well. The kids had started catching lightening bugs and I went inside.


So I did all I could do outside and came in and cooked dinner. The kids and I sat down ate, chatted and enjoyed our dinner together. The girls have been into making collages with pictures taken out of magazines. My mom had given them a large stack of magazines and the girls sat down and starting cutting away. I decided to get some cleaning and washing done, then got the kids in the bath and settled in for the night, got a nice hot bath of my own, finished up some washing, and here I am... blogging.

Place Of Worship

I am looking forward to tomorrow (Sunday Morning). We were originally going to go visit a baptist church we used to attend 5 years ago, but I feel lead to go visit another nondenominational church in our city. I actually drove by this church about 8 months ago contemplating at that time to go visit. Now that I have left my former church of five years I feel it is time for me to visit this church.

Well I'm off to bed... Good night everyone.


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