I Love My Soldier: August 2005

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Wednesday, August 31, 2005


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Today I spoke with Jason on the phone and he told me that he was able to go to the doctor today. They believe that not only does he have a torn meniscus, but also has a torn ACL. Tomorrow he is supposed to call and schedule the MRI. His records had not yet been sent to the doctor from when he made the transfer last week. I did ask him when they would see him about his head (pains, etc from his TBI in March/04). He said that has to be scheduled as well. He doesnt seem to be complaining about his head injury as much as he is his knee. He is not one to complain at all and even said that he hates to whine about it, but it really hurts. He can hardly bend it and it hurts to walk. Please keep him in your prayers.

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The girls have been out of school for the past two days, but school starts back for them tomorrow. My heartfelt prayers goes out to all of those who have suffered greatly due to hurricane Katrinia. I have seen and heard so many stories on the news or via email and it truly breaks my heart. Please help out anyway you can and keep these people in your prayers.

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We had an AWESOME service tonight at church. Pastor Scott gave a sermon that truly blessed me. God is doing great and mighty things and I am so grateful and humbled to be His servant. At the end of service there was a container up front and everyone had written down their needs (no names included) and we prayed over these needs. It was such an awesome service!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Catch up

Hey all, sorry I havent posted...

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We had a great time at Spring Valley Beach Saturday. The weather was gorgeous and we all had a really good time. It was good to see Macie (my step-daughter -blonde in pic above- whose mother has not allowed her to come stay with me since Jason has been deployed. However, Jason's mom tries to get her every other weekend and so we do get to see her some).

While at Spring Valley Beach, Erin helped save and find a lost little girl (who was about 2-years-old) who had gotten away from her mother, gone from the kiddie pool area to the bigger pool and had ran up the steps in front of all the big kids and slide down the slide into deep water where the little girl could not touch/swim (and she didnt have on any floaties either). Most people dont think anything about seeing little ones go down the big slide because a lot of times the parents are waiting at the end of the big slide to get them.... but this little girl had no one. Erin was the next one on the slide and slide down. She saw the little girl under the water and picked her up (I dont know what the life guard who sits right by the slides didnt see the litte girl under the water). Erin got her out of the water and the little girl was coughing (from the water) and Erin calmed her down and asked her where her mommy was. The little girl pointed way over to the Kiddie pool. Erin was walking her over there when the little girl saw her mom and told Erin that was her mommy. I saw when they walked over and that mom was sooo glad to see her daughter. I was proud of my daughter for helping this little girl too.

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Sunday was church. We again went to the Interdenominational church that we have attended the past 5 years. It was an awesome service. There will be a special service this Wednesday night and I am really looking forward to it and going back again next Sunday as well. Erin was excited because their class is putting on a drama that will be filmed and shown to the congregation. Alex has decided she doesnt want to do the drama (and that is fine, I would never make her). However both girls seem exicted about starting back on Wednesday nights and getting involved with the different ministries the church has to offer. I am excited as well and hopefully soon I will be back in the choir.

Monday started out as a busy work day, but with the weather starting to get bad I didnt seem to get much done. The girls got out of school and then weather just got worse and worse! As the winds from Hurricane Katrina were heading our way the trees began "dancing" as Hayden was calling it. Before long the wind really picked up and the next thing we knew my storm door on the front porch blew off (was only held on by the chain that connects the door to the upper frame). It even pulled the wood framing and nails off with it. Luckily it didnt break the glass. My neighbors saw me standing their trying to figure out what to do with this door and he came over and carried my door into my garage for me. I had already put several things from my back yard into our garage. The A-framed den in the back has about 12 floor to ceiling windows and I didnt want anything blowing into them. The only thing I could not get in the garage (as Jason's truck is in there) are the two glass tables on the deck (one round, one large oval). My neighbor and I laid the tables down flat as I was afraid they would blow over and break. Well that didnt help.. a large limb from the tree out back crashed down during the night and broke the larger table into thousands of pieces. The back yard was covered in limbs ... oh and the cover to our new travel trailer (that we financed two weeks before we found out Jason was being deployed) blew half off too. I will have to get a ladder and put the cover back on there (of course I will need the girls out there with me - just to be safe). I will have to get my front storm door put back on.. and the wood framing nailed back up. I might see if Jason's cousin (Jr) will come over and do that for me. I am thankful that this was the only damage we had. So many people suffered great tragedy and loss because of this storm.

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I have been talking to Jason via phone every day as well. I miss chatting with him on the web cam. His knee is really hurting him (He has a torn meniscus). Hopefully he can get to the doctor soon. He seems to be adjusting to the move to the other base. However, they may be moving again in the next month. After that he should be there until his depolyment ends May 31, 2006!! That day just can't get here soon enough!!

We just got power back a little while ago so I am going to sit down and try to get some of this transcription done (as I haven't gotten much work done the past two days).

Friday, August 26, 2005

What a busy week!!

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Wow, I have had an amazingly busy week....such much so that I havent even been able to blog (which we all know that I love to do)!

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The girls are doing great in school. Alex is enjoying going to the additional classes for the gifted program and spending extra time at home reading and doing homework. She truly enjoys school and learning.

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Erin too is enjoying school (ps. Her self-confidence seems up this week!!). Erin is in the Middle School Choir and they have a trip planned to New York this Spring. She has been busy selling tickets for a pancake breakfast at our local Applebees to raise money for her participation in the trip. She is so excited. She has such a beautiful voice and really enjoys being in the choir.

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Hayden is adjusting slowly to 3K (which again is just 3 days a week, usually just 3 hours a day, but on Wednesdays I let him stay 4 hours). He loves to go to school, but sometimes has an authority issue with the teachers. They assured me that he is not the only one and he will adjust.

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I have been really really really busy with work this week. Which is a good thing. Doing medical transcription I get paid for the work that I do, so obviously more work is better. However sometimes I am busy busy with work and dont make much because I have to stop so much to do other things. However with no one home for several hours 3 mornings a week it is quiet and I am able to type basically non-stop and this has been a BIG help. So 3K is working out good for Hayden and good for me!!

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I have been calling Jason daily (as it will be atleast a month - possibly longer - before he gets internet again). So I am having to call him on his cell phone (international call) (the DSN line that he would make outgoing calls on is not working properly). (PS. Thank you to Lisa and her friends in Texas who donated the International Calling cards for me to call Jason!! That is such a wonderful blessing!! Thank you so much!!). It is different to hear Jason's voice over the phone as opposed to the web cam/computer because it is much clearer and there is no delay (on the web cam we often can't hear as good or there is a slight delay or interference because of the distance). So we are actually able to talk without saying "What did you say". hehe. He is doing ok there, still hurting and needing to go see a doctor, but apparenty he says that all has to wait until they are through with training at this base (I dont understand why they have to go through the same training they went through already.. but is stand procedure and must be done..plus it is a different base so I guess that makes sense as things are different). It looks like they will take over MP at this base completly on Sept 1st.. so hopefully after that he will get to go to the doctor.

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I am looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow (Saturday) my mother-in-law and I are taking all the kids back to the waterpark that you have heard me talk about before (Spring Valley Beach). We have had a great time the past two times we have been, and decided to get one more trip in this year.

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Sunday we plan on going back to the church we have been going to the past 5 years. There is a special Sermon this sunday and one of the assistant pastors will be speaking. He is an awesome man of God and also teaches one of the Sunday Morning Bible Study classes. He has a beautiful wife and daughter and they are truly a blessing to those who come into contact with them. I am excited about hearing him preach his first sermon.

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Well I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful day. I will post some more this weekend!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

God is good all the time .. and all the time, God is good!

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I have been through a lot lately.. (As you will find many of the issues I have dealt with here in my blog, and yet there are many I have kept personal). Sometimes I feel like I have more on me than I can handle, that the load is too heavy to bear. BUT I know this is not true. I know to turn it all over to God, to cast all my cares and worries to Him because He cares for me. He will take care of the situations in my life that I am dealing with. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus!

The Lord gives strength to His people; The Lord blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11

Monday, August 22, 2005

Speak Through Me E-mail Ministry - "Outside Looking In"

I wanted to share with everyone one of the many devotionals I have written in the Email Ministry that I started called "Speak Through Me" If you would like to receive this devotional in your email, please email me at lifebackhome@bellsouth.net and type Subscribe in the header.

“Outside looking in”

Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. (Matthew 7:1-2)

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. (Ephesians 4:29)

Many times in our lives we are on the outside looking into someone else’s situation. Although we either don’t know or don’t fully understand the circumstances, we may often be quick to come to our own conclusions and cast judgment against them. We may decide that what they are doing is against God’s Will and that they must have taken their focus off of Christ.

However we don’t know the desires of their heart and their motives. Only God does. We haven’t heard their prayers. Only God has. Why are we so quick to come to conclusions over someone else’s decisions in life instead of realizing that maybe their decision was lead by the Holy Spirit and had been a matter of diligent prayer? Yet at times we want to tell people how we think they are making the wrong decisions and we even may try to justify why we feel that way. Hmmm, seems a little cynical to me.

Being critical and casting judgment is a pretty easy and selfish thing to do. However it is much harder to stay in spirit and truth and pray over the person instead of judging them. We must remember that disagreeing is ok, but condemnation is not.

So why are we so quick to judge others:

1. Because it is an area in our lives that we may feel we are always right.
2. Because we can make our own conclusions, we are the judge, we are the jury.
3. Because we like the power judging others gives us.

4. Because judging others makes us look better.

Instead of judging others what should we do:

1. Give people the benefit of the doubt. We should be merciful just as our Father is merciful.
2. We should practice a little self-examination. How can we judge others when there are areas in our own lives that others may not understand or agree with?
3. We must be faithful to the things God has ask us to do in our own lives. If we are judging others, it is a good indication we may not be where God wants us.

Remember when making decisions in your life you can't please everyone!! Don’t let other’s judgment and condemnation stand in your way. Pray diligently and always seek the Lord for guideance and direction in your life.

I want to end this devotional with a fable I once heard.

An old man and his son were bringing a donkey to the market. Passing some people on the way, they hear one remark, “Look at that silly pair—walking when they could be riding comfortably.”

The idea seemed sensible to the old man, so he and the boy mounted the donkey and continued on their way. Soon they passed another group. “Look at that lazy pair,” said a voice, “breaking the back of that poor donkey, tiring him so that no one will buy him.”

The old man slid off, but soon they heard another criticism from a passerby: “What a terrible thing, this old man walking while the boy gets to ride.”

They changed places, but soon heard people whispering, “What a terrible thing, the big strong man riding and making the little boy walk.”

The old man and the boy pondered the situation and finally continued their journey in yet another manner, carrying the donkey on a pole between them. As they crossed the bridge, the donkey broke loose, fell into the river, and drowned.

In His Service,


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday - healing

Place Of Worship
This morning the kids and I went to church. Which church did we go to? Well, I made the decision to go to the Interdenominational Church (we have attended the past 5 1/2 years). It was an awesome Sunday. Richard and Leslie Scrushy were visiting and Richard Scrushy gave an awesome sermon on "forgiveness".

At the end of service, Pastor Scott was asking people to come down who needed a physical healing. As people were going down and Leslie Scrushy was praying over them, I felt the need to go down and pray for Jason. If you have read my blog (or if you know me personally) you may know that about a year and a half ago Jason was in an accident and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. This was 10 months before he was deployed (I still believe he should have NEVER been deployed). He is having some neck and head pains as a result of his accident. He also has a torn meniscus (an injury he as acquired since deployment). I am very concerned about him. He had appointments lined up, but since he got moved to a new base (and city) he will have to have those appointments lined up again. Richard and Leslie prayed with me concerning Jason's health and deployment.

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As many of you may know (or have read in my blog) my oldest daughter Erin (11) seems to be going through a hard time. She just feels like kids don't like her. She is such a beautiful, sweet, and kind hearted girl and it just breaks my heart to see her so down. She simply says that the kids at the church we have been going to (past 5 years) don't like her. She also says that the kids at school don't like her either (however she has made a couple of new friends that came from another school). She told me this morning that she feels like she only has one friend (and this is a little girl that many of the other kids don't like). She says that when she tries to talk to other kids that they just don't have anything to do with her. She says kids think she is "weird". I asked her if anyone has said this to her and she says no, but she can just tell they don't like her. I don't understand why kids would not like her (or why she thinks kids don't like her). I don't see her interaction with other children (in school or during children's church) and I am not sure if children are actually not talking to her, or if she is not putting much initiative forward. I know she is shy and I do believe she is putting forth some effort, but I believe she is hurt and is afraid of rejection. She said today she went to sit down by a girl at church and the girl said that seat was saved. Erin sat somewhere else, but that no one ever sat in the seat that the girl said was saved. I am really concerned about her. I love her so much and want to see her happy. Please keep Erin in your prayers. Please also pray that the Lord will guide me in how to handle this situation, the right things to say and do.

Place Of Worship

We had planned on going to the Southern Baptist church tonight (for Sunday Night Service - This is the church Erin does like because of the kids there) but my youngest daughter Alex has a stomach ache and is laying down now. Hopefully Alex will get to feeling better so we can go to church tonight. I am anxious to see how Erin reacts tonight after service.

UPDATE 5:11 pm.. Erin and I had a heart to heart talk.. We think a lot of her depression may be from starting back on her Concerta - she herself said this. She has done this before when starting back on her medication (after being off during the summer). I also believe some of the issue are hormones (ohhh yes hormones). Anyway..the kids and I are going to rent a movie tonight and cuddle up and relax.

Jason got moved to the new location. He called me from a payphone and told me to call him on his cell phone (as the DSN line he wanted to call me from was not working). So I made an international phone call and we talked for about 25 minutes. That call will cost me a lot and I am hoping that they get the DSN line working/figured out soon so that Jason can call me using some of the calling cards he has (if anyone wants to donate any calling cards.. please feel free)!! Hopefully soon he will get internet access again and we can start chatting on the cams. BUT he may be moved from the building he is in now in 30 days so if that is the case he will not even be able to check into getting internet service for at least another 30 days or more. We just don't know yet (isn't that typical in the army life). I talked to him about how he was feeling and he said his knee is hurting really bad. I asked about his head and neck and he said it is not as bad as it has been. I pray for him daily (many times a day)!!! He seems down with the move, the schedule, and the way things are being done there, and with his health too, and with missing and being separated from us ... things are just not good. Please keep him in your prayers.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday
Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes, emails, calls, presents, and love. I have had a great birthday!!

I talked to my sweetie on the phone and web cam today too. With him moving to a new location tomorrow it may be a while before we get to talk on the computer again, but I am looking forward to hearing his voice! I miss him so much. Everyday is hard, but on special days like today it is even that much harder! However each day past is a day closer to when we will be together again.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A better day...

I got a package in the mail today (A birthday gift) from my friend Lisa (from Texas that I met online). She is such a sweetie! Although my birthday is not until Saturday I went ahead and opened my gift. Candles, a sweet card, and two small inspirational women/girlfriend type books "Pass-Along Promises - Inspiration for Women" and "A lifetime of Girlfriends - Moments of Connection". Thank you Lisa!

Here are some quotes from the books "You have many beautiful gifts to offer the world. Give them freely with great love"... "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny compared to what lies within us"..."What we think we should do for a friend is often exactly what she needs. Kind thoughts that become kind deeds pertuate a wonderful circle of blessings in our lives".

Birthday Card
I also got a very sweet card in the mail today from my dear friend Amy. She is such a blessing! Thank you Amy!

My mother-in-law came by today also to bring me my birthday card (which had a gift inside). They will be out of town this weekend so she wanted to bring it by early. Thank you so much!

I Love You
Then I got to talk to my Sweetie, not just once...but TWICE today. He has a few days off before they move to another location and we had the opportunity to talk more. Seeing his smile and hearing his voice just makes me so happy. I miss him so much. I dont know what I would do if i didnt have him in my life.... He completes me in a way he will never know.

Well I hope everyone has had a wonderful day..and I hope you have a wonderful evening as well.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Being honest about how I feel today!

Good Vs Evil
Saturday, August 20th is my 34th Birthday. One of my friends was going to take me out for my Birthday that evening and my mom was going to come over and watch the kids for me. I was really looking forward to getting out of the house (remember I work from home and am around my kids all the time, my adult interaction is very limited). However, she called the other day to see if we could reschedule. She explained why and asked me if it was ok. I completely understood and told her that it was fine and we could do it another night. However, I have to admit I am dreading hanging out at my house Saturday night. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love my kids and cherish every moment I get to spend with them, but I was really looking forward to getting out. I would just go out anyway, but funds are limited for me right now. With me giving Erin birthday money and then buying everything for her party this month I just don’t have the money to go out. I could ask Jason for the money, but he already mailed me my birthday money a few weeks early (and I went shopping with it). I talked to Jason today. As most of you know (from reading my blog) he is one of several that is being moved to another establishment this weekend. They were having a cook out tonight (a little going away party) and when I talked to him on the phone he was having such a good time. Honestly, I was so jealous (I never let him know though). I shouldn’t have been … not at all. He has the right to enjoy himself when he can. He is under a lot of stress there and is so far away from everyone he cares about. BUT I admit I was jealous that he was having fun with the guys and I am always home with the responsibility of the kids. I know that is SO UNFAIR of me to feel that way. (Atleast I have the kids and other people I love around me.. he doesnt have that!!). I guess I am just feeling sorry for myself for being home with all this responsibility. I know that may sound petty or silly to some of you, Im sorry if it does. I just feel really down and lonely, and I know that is not good or healthy. Sorry if this post offends anyone or if offends Jason if he reads this, I AM REALLY SORRY, but I am just being honest about how I feel today. Stressed and lonely!

Hayden's 2nd Day at school

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Today was Hayden's second day at school. Today is the "Daycare" day (He went from 8:00 am - 11:00 am). He had some of the same kids in his class, but had the daycare teacher instead of the 3K teacher (that he has on Tues and Thurs). He again was very excited about going to school. I admit I was a little nervous when I went to pick him up (especially after he told on himself yesterday). Well today he didnt even get the chance to tell on himself. When I walked in the room they were all sitting quietly at their tables watching a movie and a little girl spoke up when I walked in the room and said "he was bad today in chapel". I looked over at him and he looked really sad and put his head down. He got up to get his back pack and I asked his teacher what happened. She said he didnt want to sit still in chapel and when she asked him to, he screamed "No" at her. She said she asked him if he wanted to go see Mrs. Cheryl (The Director) and he polietly said"no". However according to Hayden he did get put in the corner. She said besides telling her no that he was well behaved and played well with the other children. She said several children are having to learn to adjust to the classroom, rules, and being in a school setting. She said he will adjust. She was very nice. Hayden was really quiet (kind of like he was embarrased). He quietly told his teacher goodbye and we walked out the door. As we walked down the hallway he was very quiet and looked up at me and said "I like my school mommy". I told him I was happy that he liked school, but if he wanted to continue to go to school that he had to be nice and mind his teacher. He smiled and said "Yes maam". WHEW! What an experience this is turning out to be. I do hope he adjusts soon. I know this will be good for him.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hayden's First Day at 3K

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Hayden will be attending 3K on Tuesday and Thursdays from 8:00 am - 11:00 am. He will go to daycare on Wednesdays for the same hours (a different teacher on Wednesdays).

Today was his FIRST day! He was soooo excited this morning. As the girls were up and getting ready for school I explained to him that he was going to go to school too. After getting ready he put on his backpack and anxiously sat in the living room waiting for everyone else to be ready. He was so cute!

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After dropping the girls off at school Hayden and I went to the church that holds the daycare/kindergarten that he attends. He just grinned from ear to ear as he got out of the car and put on his backpack. We walked hand in hand in the school and when we got to his room he patiently waited behind a little girl so that he could say hello to his teacher and hang up his back pack. He sat in a chair beside the back packs and let me snap his picture. Then he wondered over to the other children and didnt hesitate about telling me goodbye. He was sooo ready for 3K!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

At 11:00 I went back to the school to pick him up. On the 3K days (Tues and Thurs) I will pick him up at the playground. He was having a good time playing with the other children, but seemed happy to see me as well. He told his teacher goodbye and waved and said "Bye friends".

When we got in the car I asked him about his day and if he had fun. He said "yes maam". Then he said "I was bad". I thought "oh no!". Then he told me he had to stand in the corner. I knew the rules "We use our hands to help, not to hurt". I said this to him and he just put his hands over his face. I said it again and then said "ok?". He said "Yes Maam". The reward and consequences reflect on a clothes pin with their name on it. If they break a rule the clothes pin gets moved down the red light. If they dont get their clothes pin moved down the red light they get a sticker for the day (once they collect so many stickers they get a prize from the treasure box). However if their clothes pin gets moved once - they get a verbal warning, twice - then a 1 minute time out, three times - then a 3 minute time out, four times a note to parent and a phone call if necessary. So there was not a note in his folder so I am hoping they only moved his clothes pin twice. I asked him if anyone else got in trouble and he said a girl and a boy did. Hopefully he will adjust to following the rules of his teacher soon. This will be really good for him.

When we got home we opened his back pack and saw the color sheet he colored me today. I told him how he had done a great job and how I loved the colors that he used. I told him "Thank you". He gave me the biggest smile and hug and said "You're Welcome".

Tomorrow he goes back, but it will just be daycare for three hours. Thursday he goes back for 3K. I am really excited about this opportunity for Hayden.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Thank you Lisa!

You Rock
Through my blog, I have met a wonderful christian lady by the name of Lisa (from Texas whose fiance, Bobby, is serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom). She visits my blog, leaves kind and uplifting comments and emails too. She is a very sweet and encouraging woman. She has kept us in her prayers - as I have kept them in my prayers as well. She recently asked me if I had a series of books (The Power of a Praying Wife, The Power of a Praying Husband, The Power of a Praying Woman, and the Power of a Praying Parent). I do have the wife and husband books and have read them both (although it has been a while - I could read them again). However I did not have the woman and parent books in this series. Lisa wanted to send me the two books that I did not have. This really touched my heart and blessed me in a way that I could never tell her. Well.. I got my books in the mail today. She wrote very sweet messages in the front cover of each book, and also sent a very sweet and encouraging card. Thank you Lisa!! It really means a lot to know there are people who are willing to be an encourager, give a kind word, offer an ear to listen and go out of their way to brighten someone's day! Thank you!

A party, church, and a chat with my hubby!

What a weekend!!

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Saturday I got up really early and started getting everything ready for Erin's Birthday party (which was a success). I had a total of 12 kids at our home and they had a blast. Erin got a lot of presents ... and mostly money (of course we had to go shopping and spent much of our weekend doing so).

Angel 2

Sunday was church, and was truly a blessed Sunday! As many of you who frequent my blog will know that WHERE we are going to church is an issue for me. We had attended a church (Southern Baptist) when the girls were young, then left and had attended another church (Inter-Denomination - in the city adjacent to us) for the past five years. A couple of months ago we started visiting other churches and ended up back at the church we had attended years ago. However while my girls were in Indiana visiting their dad, I started back at the Inter-Denominational church. I was really torn between the two because there are things about both of them that I like. I have prayed and prayed over this. Now the girls are home and this Sunday we had to decide WHICH church to go to. One of the reasons we went back to the Southern Baptist church in the city we live in was based on my oldest daughter Erin.

Erin started middle school this year (BIG change for her). She has ADHD and struggles in school and with low self-esteem at times. However she is a very bright, talented and beautiful young lady. I am very proud of her. She is at that age that the friends she makes now will affect her throughout the remainder of her school years. I want her involved with a good group of kids and want her to have high self-esteem. THAT is one reason we went to the Southern Baptist church in our town this past weekend. She wants to go to church with kids she goes to school with. There were some kids at the Inter-Denominational church we had attended who had previously been hateful to Erin. Although they are no longer hateful, they (or others who are friends with them) do not talk or play with her (and this affected her self-esteem and honestly openess at church to be willing to receive the Holy Spirit and learn God's Word). She is only 11 and again this is a very critical age. However, I must say she really enjoyed church Sunday and got so much from Sunday School and Children's Church. They have a lot to offer me and the kids. I know the Lord will not lead me down the wrong path and will use us for His Glory in the place of worship He wants us to be.

Blow Kiss

Jason and I had a really great weekend talking on the web cam. He moves to the other base on the 21st. Please continue to pray for him. His knee is hurting really bad. Also his ears are ringing and his neck is hurting. He will follow-up with a doctor when he gets moved. I am really worried about him! Of course with me in Alabama and him in Germany there is only so much I can do!

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Cindy Sheehan – STOP IT!

SOME have called Cindy Sheehan the next “Rosa Parks” or even gone as far to call her “a hero too, fighting to bring our soldiers home”. I’m sorry I DON’T feel the same as those who think of her in this way. I do lift her up in prayer and am sorry for the tremendous grief she suffers because of the loss of her son, Casey Sheehan, who died while serving our country. However that is exactly what he was doing, serving our country, something that he signed up to do. It was his decision. He had re-enlisted with the Army in August of 2003, knowing that his unit would eventually be deployed in Iraq. He knew the consequences of war. It is her son Casey who is the hero (an American Solider who died serving his country). I just wonder how her son would feel about this? She has already met with the President face to face and now she demands to meet with him again. Why? What good what it do? I just saw a commercial that is paid by those who support her, and honestly I think she is humiliating herself. Her lies and verbal attack against our President is completely undignified. Other family members of fallen solider Casey Sheehan are calling out for Cindy to “Stop it” http://www.drudgereport.com/flashcs.htm.

I normally don’t speak out on political issues, but I think Cindy Sheehan needs to STOP trying to disgrace our country/President, and start honoring her son’s service to our country, something he obviously took great pride in. He paid the ultimate sacrifice for doing a job he was proud of doing. I believe she has a right to her own political opinion (from what I have read she was an anti-war activist before her son’s death) but to use her son’s death is completely distasteful. I admit that it may be rude of me to criticize her, but enough is enough.

*~ Natalee Song ~*

I have been following the case of Natalee Holloway (Missing Alabama teen in Aruba).

I found this site
http://www.nataleeholloway.net/default.asp and wanted to share it with everyone because I want you to listen to the lyrics in the background of that web page (song written by Ericka Harvey). I just broke down in tears!!

I have been praying dilgently for them and want to encourage you to do the same. Lord bless this family, comfort them and keep them strong. By your mightly hand dear Lord I pray that the truth be revealed and Natalee be found.

Also please check out the official web page http://nataleeholloway.com

Today is going to be a great day!

It's All Good
I just got an email from my Sweetie.. we are going to chat today (on our web cams) about 5 pm my time.. 12:00 am (Saturday) for him (It is his off night). It was a sweet email! He is still pretty down about what all is going on over there, and the upcoming move to another base, but as far as things between me and him things look so much better! Please keep him in your prayers to lift his spirits and allow him to be content in the upcoming move. Have a great day everyone!!

The path to where we are heading.

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The Word says "I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." Phil 4:11. So many times I have wanted to be content in my particular circumstances but it is something that is often much easier said than done. However as I studied the above scripture I realized that circumstances do not have to control us. Contentment is a choice I make to fully trust in God to do what is best for me. I can only be content in my circumstances because I know God will lead me through it. We must learn to be content where we are, because where we are now is only part of the path to where we are heading. Having contentment and peace in our lives is an attitude of our heart. No matter what the circumstances, we should be able to reflect God's love, acceptance, and forgiveness with others because by doing so we are allowing Him to use us where we are now. No, we may not enjoy all the circumstances we find ourselves in, and yes many of them are very uncomfortable, but I know they are no where as uncomfortable as when Christ was on the cross. If He can do that for me (and you) then we can chose to be content, to learn and grow from the circumstances in our lives, to know God has a plan to use us where we are right now, and that the path ahead is greater than we ever imagined.

The Girls....

The girls had a great first day of school yesterday. Erin had a headache however and was really tired when she got home. We figured this was from starting back on her Concerta (for her ADHD). However, she was excited about some new friends she made at the middle school and her classes as well. She seemed really exicted about her language class. Erin is very talented and loves to write.

Way To Go
Before school got out last year Alex (4th grader this year) was tested for the gifted program. Well, yesterday she brought home the papers saying she was "accepted". I had to sign and approve. I am really excited for her. She is such a smart little girl.

Party Time
Erin's Birthday party is tomorrow (Although her birthday was actually July 15th - she was out of town at her dads). This past week I took her shopping with the money from me and Jason. She is looking forward to her party tomorrow and has invited many of her friends and our family as well. It will be a blast!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Jason I love you sooooo much!

Crying 1
Jason, The quoted text below is from a previous post back in March! I meant this then and mean it now with all my heart!! I love you so much!!!

"Love, true love, comes from a deep understanding of each other's hearts, desires and needs. We found in each other something very special, and through the years that love has grown deeper and deeper. We have loved and accepted each other despite any shortcomings or imperfections. We have not always seen eye to eye, but we have always been able to move past the circumstances and love from deep within our hearts. You have completed my life in a way that I will never be able to explain to you. My love for you is true, it is deep, and it will take the rest of my life for me to even show you a glimpse of how much I love you!! I am forever yours! Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness. - in you I have found happiness!!!"

Back to School

Well the summer is offically over for the children, yep it's back to school! Alex (9-year-old 4th grader) is still at the Elementary School, while Erin (11-year-old 6th grader) has moved up to the Middle School. This morning they were both pretty excited about school starting back, but both had a little first-day nervousness, and both missing the freedom associated with Summer-Time! As a parent I have to be just as prepared as the children are for school. I have to stay on top of everything, monitor homework, check the planner and most importantly encourage and praise them in everything they do. I hope they are having a great FIRST day at school, I am looking forward to seeing how their day went.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Missing my soldier!

Troop Smiley 1
I have met a wonderful lady by the name of Stacy who's son, Michael, has been activated for the past year and deployed in Iraq since January 2005. Well he is home right now for R&R. While looking at her blog and reading the excitment and emotion in her words, and looking at their pictures I just cried with joy for them. It was so wonderful to see his homecoming. I could just feel her emotions and was so happy for them.

I Miss You

As I cried reading her blog, I thought about my soldier (my husband Jason) and what it will be like for me, his mom, and our children when he comes home for R&R in December. I can't wait to see him in person face to face! I can't wait to wrap my arms around him, to hold him and give him a big ol kiss!

I love him sooooo much and the past week has been hard on us (as you will tell by reading my posts below). I am just so emotional right now! The kids are in bed and the house is quiet and there are no distractions... my mind is on my other half, my love! For the past 6 months our lives have been turned upside down and we have another 10 more to go! This is so hard! Oh Lord give me strength! I miss and love him sooooooo much!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

WOW what a day

We had such a busy busy busy day...

I had taken the day off since my finger was hurting so bad yesterday (still hurting today and not able to bend it much), which was the perfect opportunity to get things done that needed to be done.


To start our day off... Erin and Alex both had dental appointments this morning (bright and early at 8:00 am).

Shopping 2

From there we headed to the Galleria so Erin could spend the rest of her birthday money (from me and Jason - she is still having a party Saturday and will get presents, etc from everyone else then). She had the best time and bought so many cool and funky things for her room, etc.

From there we stopped and got her a back pack for school (they have to have clear or mesh back packs). While the girls were in Indiana I had already found a pink one for Alex (who absolutely adores pink) but wasnt sure what color to get Erin. So today she found a very pretty soft blue and black mesh back pack at Academy Sports (loved it)!

I Love You Email

Then it was home to talk to Jason. Erin talked to him for a while and they drew on the doodle pad and played tic-tac-toe. When I got on the web cam he still wasnt talking much, I tried but he was still pretty quiet (of course I wasnt sure if it had to do with me and him and our disagreements or if it had to do with him being upset because he is being moved to another location). So we played a game of checkers, which he won.. and smiled and gloated over, then of course I wanted a rematch... and you guessed it.. whooo hoooo I won. We started to talk a little more, not much and then Erin told me that Jason's Cousin "Junior" was outside. I told Jason I would be right back. Stayed out there a few minutes came back and told Jason what Junior was going to do. Jason and I said our goodbyes, I love yous and said we would talk tomorrow.


Junior came over to put some shingles on the roof for me that had blown off from a storm, cleaned out my gutters (again), and repaired two gutter drains that had fallen loose. I was so grateful that he came by did these things.


After Junior left the kids and I went to Hayden's school to register him for 3 K. He was sooooo excited when we got to the preschool. I think he thought he was going to get to stay today and he was soooo dissapointed when I told him that school didnt start today. Saturday morning is Open House and we will go then and meet his teacher. He will start school on Tuesday the 16th. He is only going to go a few days a week. He will LOVE it!

and there is more to our busy busy day


From registration we went to buy groceries... (and you ladies know how much fun that is. . .ha!).


From grocery shopping we went to the house, put away the groceries, Erin changed clothes and we headed to her school (the middle school) to take her school supplies to the appropriate classrooms and find her locker so we could put her other supplies in there and let her practice her locker combination (as this is the first year she will be at a school where she changes for every class and has a locker). We noticed several girls were decorating their lockers with wrapping paper inside (to cover previous stickers, markers, etc), and had the cute little mirrors, pencil holders, boards, and shelf in their locker. This is all REALLY cute but actually very practical too (I am such an organization maniac, I should have known to do this for her too). So off we go to buy what we needed for her locker... by the FIFTH store.. we finally found the shelf and the things we needed - and headed back to the school (which was only going to be open till 7 pm - and it was 6:40 pm when we got there). And might I say.. she has such a COOL locker!! Loved it!!!

Girl In Bed

Then it was home for a LATE dinner and baths for the kids. I helped Erin organize her room some and we put away all the clothes that had still not been unpacked from Sunday when the got home. It was getting late and I should have already had them in bed early since School starts Thursday, so we called it a night and the kids all went to bed.

Of course I still have a million and one things to do and my house is actually a mess, but that will all wait until tomorrow. I hope you all have a great night... I am off to bed.