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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I need an answer God!

I talked to my girls yesterday (who are visiting their dad the past 4 weeks in Indiana). I miss them so much! I can't wait until Sunday the 7th when they come back home.

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I told Erin (my oldest daughter who is 11) about how I had gone back to our previous church the past two weeks. She got really quiet and asked me if we were going to start going back there. I told her I was wanting to. She sounded so sad and told me she really wanted to go to C****R*** (the church in our local town where we had been visiting when they left to go visit their dad). I told her I would be praying about it and we would see.

Erin is a very shy and sensitive girl and has a hard time making friends. She gets her feelings hurt very easy. Some of the girls at the church we have attended the past five years really were being ugly to Erin at one time. This hurt her deeply and had affected her worship and had caused her to not even want to go to church. I talked with those kids parents and they did quit being ugly to her. BUT now no one will talk to her or play with her. This really hurts her.

However, she seemed to really enjoy the church we were visiting (C****R*** - the one she wants to go back to) because there were kids there that she goes to school with (even though she is not close friends with them, I was hoping that she would open up and get to know some of these girls better). If she is more comfortable in the place that she worships, then maybe she would get more out of worship. She would be fed more, and she would grow! There is a lot available for them in this church too.

Now I have to make the decision on what to do. I have to consider my families needs also. I really really really need to pray about this and need God's guidance. Help me Lord! I need to hear your voice!


At 5:57 PM, Blogger APE said...

I can understand your daughter. When I was younger I use to enjoy going to church, the church we went to was one that my whole family went to, and that's where you went. However I to was hurt by a few of the other girls there. There where some very nasty and mean things said about me. I was treated as an outcast because I wasn't pretty enough or rich enough. I never told anyone and more and more I began to pull away from the church. Then I joined the military and haven't really been back to church since then. I had a bad experience that has stayed with me thoughout my whole life. I now can talk about it and tell my parents and grandparents about it. I've since then forgave the people that did this to me, not in person but through the Lord. However because of what happened to me I don't want to go to church due to the fact that I don't want my kids to have to go through the same thing. I know that there are great churches out there, but that experience is always there in the back of my mind. I don't know if God sent me to answer your prayer, but maybe he did. I also think that maybe he sent me, you.

At 7:41 AM, Blogger BayouMaMa2 said...

Thing is Deanne...no matter where you go...there is always a chance you can get hurt. I know how much it hurts when our kids are the one who get hurt...it is the deepest pain. But, I think it's an opportunity to teach our children about forgiveness.

You are the biblical authority of the home right now, and you have to pray for direction and peace about that direction. Now I know that sounds cliche', but it's the truth. How will you know which way is right? Step out into both of them and the Lord will show you which body He wants you to be a part of.

Now to "military wife," I know you got hurt, and I'm so sorry that people (even supposed Christians) can be so hateful...but not all Christians are like that. Look, do you stop going to the grocery store because someone was rude to you in line? Do you stop going to restaurants because the waitress didn't treat you special?

Church is filled with imperfect people...but it needs these same people...because without them...it would just be a building. Christian fellowship is so important to growing in the Lord. The times when I've "fallen" have been the times when I've isolated myself and stayed away from church. There is strength in numbers...but don't expect perfection...because people are not perfect.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger ~*~ Deanne ~*~ said...

Thank you for this encouraging word (to me and to April "Military Wife").
Praise, Praise His Name!!


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