I Love My Soldier: September 2005

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

Yep... the word "busy" doesn't seem to justify what all is going on in my life. You may have noticed I haven't been "blogging" as much since the girls got back in school and since Hayden started 3K a few days a week. I have just been really busy (oh there is that word again).

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With Hayden in 3K, I have been really busy trying to get my transcription done (but still don't feel like I am where I should be in my work). Of course Hayden only goes to school three mornings a week, so I have him home with me the remainder of the time. He is really enjoying school (and for those who have been reading my blog a while.. I am happy to tell you that he is doing so much better with his behavior in school). He still acts out some (but of course he is 3!!!). I have been disciplining him more (which is hard for me to "spank" him - but I have made myself do it ... as the "corner and time out" or "taking a toy away" hasn't seemed to work with him - but me spanking him - and explaining WHY I am spanking him - has made a dramatic difference). He knows momma means business!!

He is such a blessing though. Even though at times he can make me so frustrated, he simply has the sweetest smile and the most beautiful blue eyes that will just melt my heart! He can turn that little head sideways and hug me and tell me he loves me and... like I said ...my heart just melts. He is so funny too... he is quite the little comedian!

The girls have been busy with school. Alex is doing really good in school and I am so proud of her. She is really putting forth so much effort to making good grades, studying, and she LOVES to read. She is really good about getting her homework done, and I go over a few things with her (spelling words, etc), but I don't have to spend too much time with her on homework. However, we do need to continue to practice those multiplication flash cards.

Alex has such a sweet demeanor. She is such a girlie girl and loves to play with toys that a lot of girls her age have outgrown...she loves hello kitty, loves to wear pink and loves to have her hair fixed and be all dolled up. She truly loves the Lord and enjoys reading the bible and learning about the Lord. She is such a blessing to me and truly puts a smile on my face.

Erin has been a busy girl lately and really enjoying being at the middle school, however I think she may be enjoying it too much. She has made a lot of new friends this year, and that is good, BUT... (don't you always hate it when there is a "but") anyway.. she seems to be struggling in school some, not as focused, and not getting homework completed like she should. See, I was trying to give her a little more "responsibility" and wasn't checking to make sure she did all her homework, but was relying on her to get it completed and trusting that she was (of course I was there to help with anything she need help with). This was all going ok in the beginning. We were studying and staying busy, but then when she quit coming to me for help, so I figured she was doing good on her own. WRONG... I got a note from one of her teachers saying she wasn't completing her homework. I told her she had to be responsible and follow through with what she was supposed to do (and if she didn't know how or was unsure about something to ask me for my help). So I realized I am going to have to check her "school planner" daily and ask to see the homework she has done each night, and help her wherever she needs help (this may also include cutting back on some of the phone calls from her friends that call during the week if it interferes with getting homework done). So we have been busy (oh that word again) with school work and studying.

Erin is such a beautiful girl (inside and out). She loves to do crafts, loves to write, listen to music, talk on the phone and hang out in her room (she loves monkey stuff). She also loves to worship the Lord and loves to sing. I am truly blessed every time I see her perform at church, or catch her singing and worshiping when she doesn't know I am looking. She is a blessing to my life in so many ways!

Parenting is hard work (especially since I am doing it all alone), but it is also a blessing beyond compare! I pray blessings and protection over my children daily! I pray that God will let me be the Godly mother that my children need.

Work is keeping me busy too... I am doing more, but like I said, I still don't feel like I am where I want to be. I need to figure out and readjust my schedule to get more done. Being busy with the kids, and the housework, and working from home takes it toll on me, but its not beyond my limits. I can do it!! (I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength!!!).

This week has been "busy" (yep that word again) at church as well. We had choir practice Tuesday night (and the kids had their practice Tuesday night as well) for this upcoming special Sunday we are having (see post below this one). Then Wednesday night the kids had practice again and then we had a midweek service. In addition to doing my daily work, chores and activities at home, I volunteered at the church Tuesday morning and got some things done there, and am going back again tomorrow morning (Friday) to help out where needed. I also have dozens of flyers to pass out and posters to hang up in the community tomorrow. I am really looking forward to this Sunday...as it will be a monumental service for our church and for the Lord!

Jason and I have been getting to talk on the phone a lot. He is really working a lot, but found out that he will actually be getting two days in a row off this weekend YEAH (the first time he has had a weekend off). BUT then he only gets 4 off days the rest of October (basically one every six days). He also found out that they will be moving to another base/living quarters mid October. This is about 30 minutes from the base they work. The living quarters will be much better than where he is living now. ALSO... that means that he will be able to get internet access in his room. However, it will take a few weeks after he gets there to get it set up... so we are looking at another month before he can use his web cam. I am sooo excited about this!!!!

OH.. he seems to be worried that they will NOT let them come home end of May/June.. and that they will keep them longer. Like I said in a previous post that base is closing in August of 2006 so he is worried they will not let them go in June 2006 and make them stay until the base closes. I pray this doesn't happen!!

Smiles everyone!!! Well I hope you all have a blessed evening and a great day tomorrow, and a wonderful weekend. Hopefully I will get to post again soon (if not, you just may have to endure another long post).

Monday, September 26, 2005

A mighty move of God upon our church!

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This Sunday, October 2, 2005 the Crouch Family of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN http://www.tbn.org) will be visiting my church. They will be speaking, along with Brother Richard Scrushy (and his lovely wife Leslie Scrushy) (http://morningviewpoint.com). Matt Crouch will also be showing a clip from their new movie "A Night With The King" an epic retailing of the story of Esther.

A mighty move of God is at hand and great and mighty things are being done in our church. "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not" (Jeremiah 33: 3). We have called out to Him and are claiming the promises of God!

I know that God does have a special plan for each of our lives! See, we can use our God given abilities, big or small, in ways that will lead people around us to the Lord. I just want to place myself at Christ's disposal for service to others. I want to humble myself before Him and let the Holy Spirit guide me and allow me to be empowered by Him to lead others to know Him. Im so excited about what the Lord will use me for, the future of our church, the lives that will be changed, and the souls that will be saved.

Calling my Soldier

Today I talked to my Sweetie TWICE on the phone! I just love hearing his voice. He seemed in a really good mood today and this really lifted my mood as well.

I had several phone cards, but have used them all... I went to the web site speedypin.com to order the same ones that I was given and they didn't have the same ones anymore!! This was a bummer because it was a really good deal. See I am calling from Continental USA to Germany (cellular) and the Sprint calling cards I was using had 500 minutes at 3c ents a minute for only $15.00 (that was deal). They had the info (now called S-Card) on the web site but the option to purchase them was unavailable (hmmm). So yesterday and today I just called from my home phone (my international plan is not too bad). I am going to check back on their web page tomorrow to see if they have them.

Jason's schedule is different almost every day this week... so each day he tells me what time to call the next day. He is working alot over there (not getting hardly any days off at all) and our phone conversations mean so much to him (and me).

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Middle School Homecoming

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Erin, who is now 11 and in 6th grade at the "middle school" was invited by a boy in the 6th grade to go to the "homecoming dance". Of course I thought this meant getting all dressed up and having a formal type dance. Well I was wrong! hehe... It's just blue jeans and regular clothes going to the "dance" after the "game". So the boy is Josh and he actually lives next door to my mother-in-law. I dropped Erin off at the stadium where she met-up with Josh and watched the game. His parents took them to the dance, and I picked her up from the school gym at 9:00 pm. I walked into a sea of students chatting, some dancing, and all seem to be having a great time. I had snapped a picture of Erin at home before the game, snapped a picture of the students in the gym, and when I saw Erin and Josh and was going to get a picture of the two of them....well my camera said "batteries to low for live view" and it would not take a picture at all! So I will get new batteries and take a picture of the two of them at some other time. However I have posted the pictures of Erin and the gym pic...so you will get an idea of how much fun they had.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Power of the tongue

Well as you read the entry below you will see I didnt get the well rested night I planned on. I feel like I have been hit by a truck!

ok.. enough of that.. The bible says that there is power of life or death in the tongue. So I must speak life and positive things into my situation! I must put my faith into action!! His promises are true!

- My God can do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I can ask or think
- I am an overcomer
- The joy of the Lord is my strength
- The Lord is my life and length of days
- I choose life and blessings
- The sun will not smite me by day nor the moon by night
- I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me
- I have the mind of Christ
- God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Can't Sleep!!!!

I can't sleep. My nights have become restless. I toss and I turn. My mind is on him. I fall asleep and dream of being in his arms... only to wake up and him not be there. It has been 7 1/2 months since he first left... and we have 8 1/2 more months till he is home in my arms for good (atleast this deployment). I look forward to Christmas when he gets to come home for two weeks.. when I can look into his eyes and kiss his lips. I miss my husband, my best friend.. Oh Lord give me strength to make it through this. Nights are so hard...the kids are in bed...the house is so quiet... I just cry... Tonight I am so weak and I just cry! Lord make me strong!!

Yeah Hayden!!

Hayden had a great day at school today! His teacher is seeing a big improvement in his behavior. He had a big card that read "Big Improvement" with a Spider Man tatoo, and some candy attached to it. He was so happy whenI picked him up. I went on and on telling him how proud I was of him.

I talked to Jason today on the phone. Hayden talked to him for just a few seconds (the phone does not hold his attention). Erin and Alex both talked to him too. Jason said he checked into getting Internet Access. WHEN he gets it all depends on if they get moved to the other housing at a different base. He doesnt want to get it now (pay for the installation, etc now) if they are going to move and then have to do it all over agin (not sure what the hold up is on letting them know about the move...I wish they would let them know...I want to see his face)! Hopefully they will find out soon (one way or the other). Its been a month since they moved from the other base and I miss chatting with him over the web cam!! It will all work out.

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Well I am really really tired and plan on going to bed EARLY tonight right after I get the kids in bed. My body is feeling worn down again...I dont know whats wrong with me lately (I have been really tired). Hopefully a well rested night will make me feel better.

Have a great evening everyone.. **Smiles** ((Hugs))

Friday, September 16, 2005

e-mail from my Sweetie!!!

I got an e-mail from Jason this morning (although he does NOT have internet access yet at the base he was moved to, he was able to log on to a computer I think at the station right before he went on duty). He is such a sweetie!!! He seems really down (he hasnt had as much to say when we talk on the phone). In the email he said "I LOVE YOU and miss you sooo much it's killing me". I am going to get a package out to him today to try and cheer him up! I love him sooooo much!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hayden had a GREAT day!!

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I heard back from the church I had contacted for counseling.. Apparently the lady I emailed has moved and so they were going to forward my email to the lady who took her place. The one who emailed me to let me know they were forwarding the email said they did have someone who specialized in counseling young children. She said that she knows we must be having a difficult time and that she prayed that they would be an encouragement for me and Hayden. Hopefully I will hear from the other lady soon.

I go to pick up Hayden (of course I get nervous when I pull up because I am thinking.. please let this be a good day) and the teacher didn't tell me he had done anything wrong!! Hayden is loving and friendly and tells his friends and teacher bye. As we are walking away Hayden tells me (in an excited voice) "I was good today mommy" "and I got M&Ms" (which is a treat for being good). I was so happy for him and I praised him and praised him. He just smiled so big and kept saying "thank you mommy".

My mother-in-law brought Hayden a surprise for having a good day at school. We encouraged Hayden to continue being a good boy and he said he would!!

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I talked to my Sweetie today.. I love him SOOOO much. He has seemed really down lately, not talking much. I wish there was something I could do! I wish he was home!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hayden's broken heart

Yesterday afternoon when I went to pick up Hayden, his teachers and I discussed his behavior. He had been ugly again and I just couldn't help up, but I teared up when talking to them. They assured me that he was not the only one, and one teacher also talked about how kids who are going through things at home will start to act out. We talked about different things that we could do (telling him if he is ugly he can't play with certain toys when he gets home, etc. and if he is good he can get a treat, etc). So I did not let him play with his My First Leap Pad when he got home. This broke his heart!!

This morning (wed) when I went to drop him off his teachers suggested we switched his 3K days (starting next week) so that he would be in a class with different children (children she says are not as agressive and she thinks Hayden will get along better with them - as he tends to do what he sees other kids do) . Well today when I went to pick him up one of the other teachers informed me that he again had a bad day. So again today I did the same thing and did not let him play with his My First Leap Pad.

Oh.......Hayden cried Tuesday night and told me that he missed his daddy. I told him I missed daddy to and that daddy missed us. Then he told me "my daddy not come back home". I assured Hayden that Jason was going to come back home and that it may be a while, but that he would be home and they would play together again. Wednesday morning when he woke up, he immediately started telling me he missed his daddy. However Wednesday evening he was telling Alex that he wanted to play ball with his daddy. Alex and I offered to play ball with him but he said "no, I play ball with daddy". I told him when daddy got home they could play ball, but that I would play ball with him now if he wanted me to.

I also contacted a local church that offers counseling. I have heard so much about the church and the counseling that they offer. I emailed them my situation with Hayden.

Tonight was church for the girls. They had practice at 6:00 and their regular class that is at 7:00. When I got there at 8:00 to pick them up they were in the sanctuary practicing the song/dance they will be performing this Sunday. I am so proud of my girls. They truly love to worship the Lord and it shows when they perform.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Alex - Open House

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Alex had open house at her school tonight. It was good to go see her classes and hear what all her teacher had to say about what they are doing. Alex is such a smart little girl and such a blessing in my life!! She blesses me every day with her sweet demeanor.

oh... I also got to go meet her RLC teacher and see the projects they are working on. She is really enjoying the gifted program.

look what my husband sent me...

A dozen beautiful roses!!

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I love HIM sooooo much!!!!!!!!!

Guestbook and Comments

I just wanted to tell everyone who visits my blog and signs the guestbook and leaves comments that I truly appreciate every kind word that you leave. You all lift my spirits, put a smile on my face and let me into your lives as well. Thank you for your encouraging words and thank you for sharing your storys with me. Please come back and visit with me often.

Monday, September 12, 2005

My Weekend

I had a great weekend....

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Saturday morning the kids and I got up early and met my in-laws at their home and headed to Lake Guntersville. It is so beautiful out there, the water was beautiful, the weather was perfect. We rode in the boat for a while, then went to visit some friends of my in-laws who have a place on the lake (where the kids got to fish a little), then we got back in the boat and headed down the lake to a little restaurant and got a bite to eat. Afterwards it was back in the boat for more riding, we stopped once and got out and swam, and then road a little more, and then home. It was soooo relaxing to sit back in the boat and feel the wind and sun. Ahhh I could get used to that!

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Hayden was worn out and fell asleep as soon as we got home. The girls Aunt Kerri came and got them and that left just me and Hayden (who was asleep). I sat in the living room watching the Alabama game on the big screen, but was bored being all alone in the living room so I went and got in my bed to watch it in there. I quickly dozed off (but woke up at 10:00 to see the sprinklers spraying the players). I dozed right back off (didn't even know who one the game until Sunday morning - ROLL TIDE).

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After church Sunday I came home and relaxed the whole day. It was nice, so nice...

and here I am Monday morning.. the girls are at school..Hayden is home today.. and I am getting ready to get busy and get this transcription done.

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Jason had an MRI this morning (8 am his time - 1 am my time) of his knee. I just talked to him and he said it would be 3-5 days before they had the results. He will have to call and schedule an appointment on his next off day next week to go see the doctor and get the results. He said he is out of his medicine (Naproxen) and he is sure it will start hurting him again since he doesn't have the medicine. I asked him if he could go see the doctor tomorrow since he is off and get a refill, but he has no way to get to the doctors office. I hate that he doesn't have transportation to go as he pleases. He borrowed a car this morning to go to the hospital for the MRI. He also mentioned yesterday that he wished they would go ahead and do a cat scan of his head (as his neck is hurting - result of his TBI back in 03/04) but that seems to be coming second to his knee. I told him to mention it again when he goes back next week to the doctor. I hate that I am not there... I would call and try to get all of this done/scheduled (like I would if he was home).. but I'm not.. he is there so he has to handle it. That frustrates me..

Well gotta get back to work...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

In the blink of an eye - 911 remembered

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Today is September 11, 2005, four years from the horrific attack on America that touched so many lives. The tragic and devastating events that unfolded that day will be in our hearts and minds forever.

I remember when I saw the footage of the planes hitting the twin towers, I was devastated. I stood frozen. I didn't know what to do or think. When they said people were jumping from the top floors of the Towers to escape the flames, and when they showed the buildings collapsing I knew thousands of lives were lost, watching people run in total chaos from the falling debris and knowing even thousands more were seriously injured, I fell to my knees and I cried and prayed.

I cried all day and for weeks as I stayed glued to the TV. There was a part of me that couldn't watch anymore yet another part that needed to. I was grateful that I had my husband, because I know so many people lost their spouse. I was grateful that my children had me, because their were so many children that lost a parent that day. However, more than anything I was grateful that I had the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior, because there were many that perished that day that didn't know Him!

I knew the Lord had a purpose for me, just as he does all of us. Our purpose may come in many forms and fashions, however they ultimately come down to one thing, and that is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others, to share our faith, and plant a seed. God has a special plan for each of our lives! We can use our God given abilities, big or small, in ways that will lead people around us to the Lord. God can use you!

"Thank you for giving to the Lord... I'm a life that was changed"... (Ray Boltz)

After the events of September 11, 2001 we should realize that in a blink of an eye a life can be taken from us with no warning. Death occurs every day. Let the Lord use you as a vessel to let his work be done.

"He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." Mark 16:15.

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Acts 1:8

Remember the vicitims of September 11, 2001- A site dedicated to the victims of 09/11/01

Friday, September 09, 2005

Looking forward to the weekend

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I am really looking forward to this weekend....

Tomorrow morning we are going with my mother-in-law and father-in-law (and my step-daughter Macie) to the lake. They have a boat and I am really looking forward to getting out on the water and getting some sun too. Actually we have been in the water the past three weekends! Two weeks ago we went to Spring Valley Beach with my mother-in-law, then last weekend the kids and I went to the river with my brother-in-law, his wife and son, then this weekend we are going to the lake. We are enjoying it while we can...because before long it will be cooling down and we won't be able to enjoy the water.

Then Saturday evening the girls are going to spend the night with their aunt Kerry. It will just be me and Hayden for the evening (and Sunday). I was going to go out to get a bite to eat with my friend Sharon but my mother can't keep Hayden because the big dove hunt is this weekend and they will be camping out there (which is great for them.. they should have fun). Hayden and I will have to find something special to do.

Sunday of course is church and I am looking forward to a blessed service, and relaxing the rest of the day!!

So I hope you all have a great weekend.. and I will check back in later!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Faith - rededication!

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I have a lot going on in my life, in my husband's life, in my children's lives, in my extended families lives.. I have been really stressed out.. REALLY!! But I refuse to let the devil have victory over any part of my family or my life! I am spending more time in the Word! I am learning again how to hand things over to God, things in my life that have left me feeling hopeless. I am also learning what to change about ME in order to make our lives better. I have never been as stressed out as I have been the past few months.. it seems that it has been getting harder and harder. I know you can all tell that lately I have been down, I have probably said more negative things than I have positive. Despite all the hard times I am facing, there are good things going on in my life. I will trust in the Lord to get us through the hard times, to help me to be the best mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend I can be! I can't get down.. I have my family to think of! I have to be that spiritual leader in my family. I have to exhibit my FAITH and put that faith into action!!!

The last few months has also been hard on me spiritually. I have been confused about many things and would often listen to people's views instead of listening to the Lord. My walk seemed to be slow.. I felt myself not necessarily growing further from the Lord, but just not doing His will in my life. In other words.. I was not putting HIM first!

Well that has changed! This past Sunday I went to the alter and rededicated my life to Him. It's time to put Him FIRST, for I know that when I do everything else will fall into place. His Will shall be done in my life and in my family!

Another blessing was Sunday afternoon Erin (my oldest daughter who is 11) approached me and told me that when she was saved and baptized a couple of years ago that she was not sure if she did it for the right reasons and believes she only did it because other children were. So right then and there Erin and I sat down and talked and prayed and she acknowledged the Lord Jesus Christ as her savior! Praise..Praise His Name!!

Things may not always be easy, and you will hear me ask for your prayers, but I just want to let you all know that the Devil has no place in my family and that is a stand that I am taking!

Praying for hurricane victims

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"I held her hand as tight as I could. She told me you can't hold me....to take care of the kids and the grandkids." --Harvey Jackson in Biloxi, Mississipi, whose wife slipped into floodwaters as their house split in two, and he now believes that his wife died.

If you have read these lines, or seen the video on TV or on the web... it will crush your heart! I just cried when I saw this.. and even the reporter doing the interview was in tears. To see the faces of these people, families divided who have lost loved ones, and some who don't know if their family is alive or dead, some even separated by cities, children without parents, elderly dying, their homes destroyed, their lives are in total chaoas... I have just cried and grieved for these families. I pray and lift them up daily. I dont have much money to give, but I have been giving what I can at several locations. I encourage each of you to give, to volunteer, and to pray!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hayden - acting out

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Sunday after church I was told that my 3-year-old son Hayden had been hateful to another child. I talked with Hayden about this after church and told him that he had to be nice to his friends and told him that he would not want someone being ugly to him therefore he needed to be nice to other people.

This morning when I went to pick Hayden up from 3K, his teacher informed me (which is a daily event) that they were still having problems with him and asked that I do everything I can to help them. He apparently would not sit in his seat (kept going under the table), laughed at a teacher when she told to do something, and even hit another child. I told the teacher that I am so sorry and that I am having some behavior issues with Hayden at home as well. We talked about this openly in front of Hayden and were both encouraging Hayden to behave. She talked about how they get treats for behaving and reminded Hayden that in order to get a treat he had to follow the class rules. As the teacher and I discussed things, Hayden kept trying to cover my mouth with his hand and also hide his face. I talked to Hayden about how he needed to mind.... blah..blah..blah..blah (same things I have been saying a lot to him lately).

When I got in my car.. I just broke down crying!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe some of Hayden's issues are his age, the fact that he has never been away from me (going to school now), but I honestly believe most of it is a result of daddy not being home (Deployed for 7 months now). Research has found that behaviors such as fighting, defiance, anger, anxiety, sadness, and school difficulties are common among military children with absent fathers. I think it is taking its toll on Hayden.... which is taking its toll on me. I want Hayden to mind. I want him to be good. I don't want to discipline him the whole time, but I want him to mind. I want to help him. I know Hayden is going through a lot right now!

Hayden has been acting out at home as well.. but will immediately tell me "I sorry mommy, I do better". He knows what he has done is wrong.. so WHY is he doing it? I need to get stricter on my discipline, but I dont want to discipline him the whole time.. I want him to know mommy loves him and is here for him.. but I also want him to understand the rules too and that he must respect other people.

I am so frustrated.. I have cried and felt so helpless lately. I want my husband home.. I want my son (and our other children) to be happy. I want my family life to be back to normal!

3:21 pm. Update.. Am I being selfish by even saying what I am saying, for asking for your prayers? No one said I was.. but someone who sent me an email praying for me did say "things could be worse" and mentioned the tragedy on our coast, the families that are homeless, those who have lost loved ones or don't know of their whereabouts. And if I think about it - even when it comes to Jason's deployment.. I am grateful that Jason is in a non-combat zone... but see even though things COULD be worse.. my situation is hard on me and our children (crying). The same lady who said this, also said some very encouraging words to me (she is a very kind, sweet, loving christian woman).. but that one part made me feel guilty for feeling the way I am. I am sorry.. I just use this blog to let it all out.. and that is exactly what I am doing.. I just need to keep my faith, be strong and be a godly influence on my children. Thank you all for your prayers.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Relief

The Red Cross needs money now.

To make immediate donations by credit card click on this secure link:https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation-form.asp.

You may also visit their regular website http://www.redcrossalabama.org/ and follow their instructions to mail a check.

The Salvation Army needs money for the same reason.

You may make credit card donations on their secure website by clicking on this link: https://secure1.salvationarmy.org/donations.nsf/donate?OpenForm&Seq=1&Co .