I Love My Soldier: Ahhhh Tri-Care!!! *&*%@#$

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ahhhh Tri-Care!!! *&*%@#$

Ok, I gotta calm down!!! Deep breath!! whew!!

To make a long story short... my husband Jason was on STATE active duty back in 2004. He was injured while on active duty and had a traumatic brain injury, underwent surgery, and spent a month in the NICU! His recovery process was slow and his orders had to be extended (Medical Active Duty Extension) so that Tri-Care would continue to pay the medical bills and he would continue to get paid from the military. Tri-Care WAS paying the medical bills that had been sent to them, but the hospital had a mix up and sent some to BC/BS. Those bills have now been redirect to Tri-Care (who should have been billed for them). BUT NOW Tri-Care is DENYING the claims. Something about a lapse in coverage...they show the Active Duty Orders all wrong!! uhhhh It is a mistake in THEIR system!! So I am having to get his Commanding Officer from the time of his injury to take care of this so I don't get thousands and thousands of dollars of bills in my mail box from the hospital.

Of course Jason doesn't know all of this is going on (and it is the LAST thing he needs to be worrying about now) so I am trying to handle it. I have talked with the Commanding Officer this morning (which luckily is someone I know) and he is getting in contact with the State Military Department to get it taken care of.

Ok.. it can only get better.. right?


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