I Love My Soldier: one long post!!!

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Monday, October 17, 2005

one long post!!!

I’m back….yes once again it seems my “blogging” has slowed down. I know, I know that is not good (as blogging has been a way for me to let all these feelings out) and I know many of you worry about me, as I have gotten emails and cards in the mail. I hate getting “down” the way I have let myself get “down”. Talking about emotional too…uhhh I have been so emotional. I have cried about everything. I have felt OUT of control over several issues in my life. I have felt overwhelmed and I have felt like a disappointment. I want to be a better mother, I want to be a better wife, and I want to be better servant of our Lord!

So it appears this will be another one of those “long post” (Tracy…you said you enjoyed these).

Report Cards….
Alex (9-year-old 4th grader) got her report card and I was so proud of her (all A’s and one B). She is such a bright and intelligent little girl and loves to study. Honestly though she doesn’t have to study too much, things seem to come to her easily and she “gets it” the first time around.

Erin (11-year-old 6th grader) got her report card as well, however her report card was not that good at all. Erin is also a bright and intelligent young girl, but her study habits are much different. She struggles so hard to do good school! She has a hard time studying. She just doesn’t “get it” the first time around (and sometimes second time) and honestly needs more help! As a work-from-home mother, one of the things I enjoy about being home when the girls get home from school is having more time with them. I (just like Erin) suffer from ADHD (although mine has never been diagnosed and I am not on any medication, I have no doubt in my mind that I too suffer from ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), which has honestly affected me being able to help her. I pray victory over this that hinders Erin and me from being all the Lord has put in us to be. I am going to focus on and dedicate more time to helping Erin more with her homework, helping her to better comprehend what she is learning. Erin is such a bright and intelligent young girl and I don’t want anything to hinder what I know is inside of her.

Fall Break....
Alex and Erin’s dad (Michael) lives in Indiana. With this week being “Fall Break” the girls wanted to go see their dad. Michael made arrangements with his sister to drive them half-way yesterday. They both love their dad and really looked forward to seeing him. However, Alex is the only one who is going to be going on this trip. Erin has some issues with her step-mother (which I will not go into great detail here as I feel it is best not to), and really got her feelings hurt back during the summer where they spent 5 weeks with them. As much as Erin loves her dad, she just didn’t want to be around her step-mother. I pray the Lord will resolve these issues and that by their next trip Erin will be more comfortable in going up there, and that her step-mother (who is used to only have one child around her) – will better understand how to resolve issues among several children, and how to “speak to” a child without using foul language – ok enough said!!

Alex headed out Sunday morning and was really exited about going to see their dad (step brother, older step-sister, and step-mom). Alex has this sweetness about her that everyone is drawn to and loves…and I have no doubt that she will get lots of attention this next week (which she will love). Alex has been apart from me and Hayden (and obviously Jason) before as she has made trips to visit their dad out of state, but she has never been separated from Erin for this long. I know it is only a week, but Alex seemed a little down and knew she would miss her sister. We hugged and kissed and said our goodbyes and I told her to have fun and enjoy the time with their dad. As her and her aunt Kerri drove away, I prayed a hedge of protection around them during the trip and during her visit with their dad.

Erin had spent the night with her best friend Kim Saturday night. Erin does not have any classes with Kim this year, and their classes and lockers are in two different buildings. She does see Kim in the lunchroom, however they are not able to sit together. Erin truly values Kim’s friendship. She said that Kim is her friend, not because of what Erin has, or what Erin looks like; Erin doesn’t have to try to impress Kim, but that Kim likes her for simply being who she is. That is something that I am very proud of Erin for realizing. As she enters middle school she sees people already trying to impress others by not being true to who they are, conforming to ways they would not necessarily be in order to become friends with a certain crowd, etc. Erin is such a beautiful girl and I am so proud of her for being true to who she is.

Erin also spent last night (Sunday night) away from home....with their friend Kayla (who lives down the street). Since it is “Fall Break” this week and Kayla’s dad was staying home today, I agreed to let her spend the night on a Sunday night. Also…it has kept her away from Hayden (who has been sick!!).

Yes….now on to Hayden….
Hayden was originally sick with his sinuses, but late Saturday afternoon Hayden developed a stomach virus! Ohhhh he was soooo sick. He vomited almost every hour from about 6 pm Saturday until about 1 pm Sunday. However, he was taking in fluids so I didn’t fear him become dehydrated. He seems fine today!!! I used almost a whole can of Lysol spraying down everything so that hopefully no one else will get sick!

Financial and Work
I am praying and agreeing the Lord will bless me with a financial blessing and that my work will increase and I will be able to organize my time more efficiently to use my time to be a great mother to my kids and supply the needs of my children through the income in my job (and pay the bills that I am supposed to pay – which Jason pays the majority of them).

Jason and I talked on the phone yesterday and had a great time. Our conversation seemed to flow so smoothly and there were not any quiet times. We truly enjoyed our conversation and I didn’t feel that distance between us like I had before. I have prayed over this and prayed that we would not grow distant from each other during this deployment but that we would grow closer!! I love my husband so much…and look forward to his visit home at Christmas!!!

Well… This has been ONE long post, and I do have LOTS of work to type, so this is where I will close it for today. God bless you all ((hugs to everyone)).

12:40 pm... oh no sick again!!
Hayden had been feeling better all day.....THEN we had to go run and errand and on the way home he got sick in my car! So after getting that cleaned up, and Lysol sprayed, I am here a my computer again working. However, my head is throbbing!!! I hope this is not the first symptoms of me getting sick. Hayden is taking a nap now. Hoperfully he will rest and get well soon.


At 1:18 AM, Anonymous TRACY said...

And by the way, Jessica received a pretty bad report card as well. Let's keep them lifted up in prayer and believe that these bad grades will be pulled up on the next report card...In The Name Of JESUS!!!


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