I Love My Soldier: November 2005

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Season of Giving

With Thanksgiving recently past and Christmas upon us, I want to take this time to wish you all a holiday season filled with peace, joy and love.

That very first Christmas God gave the world His most valuable gift. He gave us His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself knew how special giving was, as He gave the ultimate gift when He gave His life for our sins. It all started that first Christmas with a precious baby (a precious gift). Christmas is truly a time of caring, sharing, and giving. God gave to us, and it is such a blessing that we can give to others.

The Spirit of Christmas is upon us, and my daughters and I have decided to bless a family with gifts this Christmas. Just knowing the joy that will be shared, the happiness they will experience, the caring and love we feel to be able to do this for this family is all a blessing from God.

May we all be able to give in the Spirit of “Jesus Christ”. May you know and experience the joy of giving during the most joyous time of year.

Thank you to my daughter Erin for your inspiration in my life and your love for this family.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Preparing for Christmas

Today, well actually the next three days, will be extremely busy for me (providing there is work available for me to do - which there should be). As many of you know I work from home doing medical transcription. The way we get paid is the current months completed work (transcription) is paid out on the 10th and 25th of the following month. So whatever work I get completed by Midnight on the 1st goes toward my paycheck on Dec 10th and Dec 25th.

Jason is a GREAT father, husband and provider. He is making sure the kids have a wonderful Christmas, and he always makes sure I have a great Christmas too. This year I want him to have a very special Christmas. I know it will be special enough just because he will actually be HOME for two weeks (then its back to Germany), but I want to give him a special gift to (to show him how much I love and appreciate him). So I have three days left of hard work to make as much money as I can. Although I have some of my bills I have to get caught up FIRST... I am just trusting the Lord to provide enough work for me that everything will work out.

WOW.. Can you believe it.. Christmas will be here before we know it!! Jason will be here in 24 days. Well I better go get busy with this transcription!

Have a GREAT day everyone.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Kids doodling with Jason

I wanted to share these photos with you. They are of Jason and the kids "doodling" on Instant Messager and Web Cam. Jason is such a family man and loves to spend time with the kids (playing games, etc), so for now this is how they play from afar.The kids and I really miss spending time with him.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Alex and Jason doodling a Christmas Tree

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Alex and Jason doodling a Snowman

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Erin and Jason doodling a Reindeer

Friday, November 25, 2005

Snowing in Germany

Jason called me last night (8 pm for me - 3 am today for him) and was telling me about all the snow that had fallen (being from Alabama we just don't get snow like that). He was getting up and getting ready to go on his shift, but was going to have to go out and clean all the snow off of their van so they could make it to the station. He emailed me a few times from work, but we were not able to get on web cam today. His shift is 12 hours, but they always have to be there an hour early (hmmm sounds like 13 hours to me) and often end up working past their shift (as they did today 14hrs - which is why we didnt get to talk via web cam). Since he had to work over, he was exhausted when he finally got in and had to get some sleep as he would have to be back up bright and early. Speaking of it is almost 8 pm Friday night here, which means it is almost 3 am Saturday morning for him (time to wake up Jason). I sent him an email to tell him good morning. He had a bad day today (well yesterday for him) and even lost his cell phone. I sent him a message to tell him how much I love him and that I hope today goes better!! He is the love of my life and I miss him so much!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to jot a quick note to go ahead and wish you all a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. I will update later on the events of our day! ((Hugs)) to you all!!

Hey everyone, We had a great Thanksgiving. I got to talk to Jason before we headed over to my moms. He did get a Thanksgiving meal prepared there at the base, however it just wasn't the same being away from home. I love and miss him soooo much. We talked about how before we knew it he would be home for Christmas (for two weeks).

The kids and I went over to my moms. Mother cooked a big dish of Chicken and Dressing (and giblet gravy), Greens, Green Beans, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, and Rolls and had Cranberry Sauce. I made Sweet Potato casserole and macaroni and Cheese. My brother and his wife brought deserts! yumm yumm. It was all so good! We had a great time and it was so nice to get together.

I have so many things to be thankful for, my relationship with God, my family and friends, and my health. Thank you God for all you are and all you do.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The kids are home

Today the kids are out of school (being the day before Thanksgiving). However, just because the kids are home doesn't mean momma (Me) doesn't have to work. Doing medical transcription from home is a HARD job, especially when you have a house full of distraction, but the job has to get done (today reminds me of the summer when they are all home). I did stay up late last night and will probably stay up late tonight, as trying to work when all the kids are home isn't turning out like I originally planned. To add to my 3-year-old, 9-year-old, and 11-year-old being home, Kayla down the street (who is also 9) has come over to play. I could send them outside, but the weather is too cold (well at least I think it is) and if I let the older kids go out, then I would have to let them take Hayden out (which means they would have to stay in the back yard) and I think it is too cold for him right now. So I told the girls if they would stay in the house and play with Hayden and let me get some of my work done, then we could all go outside in a little bit when it warms up some (where I would be able to watch Hayden). THAT is the plan.

Today Jason has a day off. He is planning on going to a neighboring city/base (Actually about 2 1/2 hours away) to see one of his friends (Jeff) who is in the same unit as him. Jeff and Jason have not seen each other since March when they left Ft. Leonardwood and went to Germany. The unit got split into three platoons and went to three different bases (since then they have added more bases to be covered and they have been divided out to those as well - as Jason got moved again this past summer). Jeff is Jason's best friend and I am so glad that Jason is getting to go see him. Jason has been having a really hard time there being away from us and he misses us so much. I know seeing Jeff will be good for him.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am really looking forward to getting together at my mom and dads with my sister, my brother and his wife. I have so much to be thankful for! I do hate that it is another holiday that will come and go and my Hubby will not be here with us, but I am anxiously awaiting Christmas because Jason will be here for two weeks!!

Well, I gotta go get this transcription done. Everyone have a GREAT day!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

ONE month..Until I see my Sweetie!

Yes, in just one month (one month from today) my hubby will be home for TWO weeks! I am so excited, the kids are so excited, his mom and everyone just can't wait to see him. This Christmas will be so special!

Jason has gone to 12 hour shifts (MP) and that is good and bad. It's good because he will finally get more time off. Before he was working so much and maybe getting only 5 days off a month. Hopefully this new schedule will work out to where he will have some days off. I must say though, they change the scheduled ALL of the time, he has been on different shifts, etc.. so the schedule is subject to change. The bad side is there may be days we don't get to talk (or talk very little). However I am grateful for anytime we get to talk.

I do know there are soldier/families who are not as fortunate as we are. I know there are families who don't have the luxury of web cams, or only hear from their soldier periodically. Sometimes I even hate to gloat and talk about how much I get to talk to Jason because some of those soldiers wives/families that read my blog don't have the same luxury. Sometimes I even feel bad about talking about how much I miss my husband because honestly some people have told me I should be thankful that he is not over in Iraq and is only in Germany. But I just have to say... I am thankful. I know there are thousands and thousands of families that have solders in WAR zone where they fear for their safety (I feel for them and I pray for them daily). But I also know there are millions of husband and wives snuggled up in their homes together, daddys and kids playing together... and well my kids and I don't have that same luxury. For 18 months the love of my life is not with me! That hurts and therefore I write all about it in this blog (as well as the love I feel for him, and the daily lives of me and the children). I hope I don't offend anyone and if I do I am deeply sorry.

I also know my blog has helped others and is an encouragement for many wives (whether their husband be in Germany or Iraq or Afghanistan), as I have had so many tell me that via comments, emails, and the guestbook. Blogging is great... It is therapeutic for me! Blogging is kind of like REALITY TV. Seriously, don't we all just love reality TV. We peak into the lives of other people. I know I love to read other people's blogs as well. I have MANY that I visit. The key word is REALITY. Its all real!! These blogs express real people, going through real circumstances. I love it! I love that I have made friends through my blog, and other blogs. I love that I can say.. "Hey, pray for me today" and hundreds of prayers will go up for me! So to all of those who frequently read my blog.. I thank you!

Ok... Well Jason and I talked for just a few minutes (morning for me, it was afternoon for him and he was about to go on a new shift). We kind of got into a little spat/disagreement, but we handled it pretty well. I think everything will be ok. It is just really hard to handle how you have disagreement when you are thousands and thousands of miles apart. I have just prayed over the situation every since we got off the Web Cam. I know it will all be ok.

I have been really busy working (Medical Transcription) this morning, but took a break to blog. I have to leave in a few minutes to go get Hayden from 3K. He should lay down for a nap when he gets home (hopefully) so I can get BUSY again working.

Have a GREAT day everyone... ((HUGS)) to you all!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

updating blog template

Hey everyone ... For those of you who frequently view/read my blog, I'm sure you have noticed the drastic changes to the template.

I have really learned a lot about HTML codes since starting this blog back in March. I wanted the template to reflect our family more, therefore I put a family pic in the background. I also changed the picture of me and Jason up top too. I started the update around 8 ish pm and JUST NOW got through 2:51 am (Sunday). Ahh I am going to be TIRED in the morning.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Memories...Precious memories.

I sit here and think of all the feelings that I have felt since Jason first left on January 31, 2005. I think of all the things that he has missed, and all that we have missed about him. He has been gone 9 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days! It is hard living here without him, to go about my daily life without his presence in our home, to comfort children who cry and miss him. I am grateful that he is not in a combat area and I know things could be worse, but I miss my husband. He has missed so much, birthdays, holidays...but I am beyond words at the happiness I feel knowing he will be home to visit for Christmas.

Yes in just 1 month and 3 days my Sweetie will be home for 2 weeks. Saying goodbye again will be hard, but that is not what I want to even think about right now. His deployment should end the end of May and he should be home sometime in June 2006. That is over 6 1/2 more months, but we are already more than half way through this deployment...so to me the countDOWN has begun!

As you may have read, we have our web cams back up and that has really made things a little easier for us. As I talk to him via web cam and look at his face, I just want to reach out and hold him, but he is so far away. I blow him kisses when we get off the web cam and we always tell each other how much we love and miss each other. To think in a month I can finally hold him and kiss him...and tell him face to face how much I love him....I will NOT want to let go of him the whole time he is here!

Christmas is our favorite holiday and to know we will get to spend it together again brings feelings that I just can't put into words. Jason is such a FAMILY man, a man that came into my life when I had two children from my first marriage, who loved me and loved and accepted my girls (Erin and Alex) as his own daughter (Macie). Together we had Hayden our son... now we are a family complete.

A little info on my Sweetie... He loves to hunt (deer) and always enjoyed hunting with his father (who passed away a week before Jason's deployment). Jason has had a hard time with the loss of his father. I don't believe he has been able to grieve his father the way he would had he been home. I fear that it will hit him hard when his deployment ends and he is back home. When hunting season rolls around and he doesn't have his father to hunt with..will be hard. Jason does love to hunt and has taken the girls on numerous occasions (We have some awesome video of him and the girls). Memories, precious memories. He has taken me hunting as well, and I killed my first deer a few years ago (it was very exciting). When the time comes he will be taking Hayden as well.

Jason, the kids and I love to go camping. We took a big step and financed a really nice travel trailer. It is a great investment. We did get to go camping twice before he was deployed. The memories we have made, and will continue to make are precious. Fishing, hiking, bike riding, and just sitting by the camp fire roasting marshmallows, it is just so much fun and I can't wait until we get to go again.

Jason, the kids and I also love to play games. Scrabble was our game of choice when he left. We also love to play Uno. Jason loves to sit and watch movies together too. He is such a family man.

I am honored to call Jason my husband, my very best friend, an awesome father to our children, and my soldier.

Jason... I (we) love and miss you so much!!!!! Life Back Home is just not the same without you here!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

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The contest ends Dec 14th. I am already way ahead in the category I am in, however I would love to have the most votes for the whole contest!!

Thanks sooo much!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Big Hug!

Today WILL BE a better day!
((hugs)) to everyone!!

I am starting today with a smile on my face, a hug to my children, and lots of love to give. If a situation appears that may begin to stress me, I will take a deep breath and stop right then and pray over the situation. There is nothing that can happen today that the Lord and I can't get through together.

These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full. John 15:11

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stressing AGAIN!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm soooo stressed out!!!!!!!!!!!! It's gotta get better! Lord give me strength to make it through these hard times, to deal with the issues of work, finances, children, homework, loneliness, fear, and my daily life that just doesnt seem to be going any way it is supposed to! Help me Lord to handle these things, to juggle everything I have to juggle and find some kind of balance. Give me peace. I need a little ME time too (I hope that is not too selfish to ask)..but I worry about and care for and do for everyone else and I just need a little time for me (somehow in the mist of getting everything done I need to do). whew! :-(

The dentist...

Seems like I post alot about the dentist doesnt it? Erin has had a lot of dental work done this year, and Hayden had to go and have some done this morning. We had to get there at 9:00 am and they had to do the oral sedation. It didnt take long for him to be out. He did great through the procedure. They told me he would be sleepy most of the day and to keep an eye on him. He is snoozing right now.

I called Jason a little while ago to see if he went to the doctor this moring. He said he didnt. Hopefully he will go tomorrow on his day off. However, he is saying his head is not hurting today at all. He also mentioned his blood pressure has been up. Just please continue to keep him in your prayers. I worry so much about him.

Well... I have been busy with work, and have had a pretty stressfull week, so I gotta go get this typing (Medical Transcription) done...until it time to go get the girls and get on web cam with my sweetie.

Monday, November 14, 2005


I am really worried about Jason. He has mentioned that he feels like his head is bigger in the area of the injury/TBI (where the tree struck his head and where he had surgery 04/2004), he has told me of painful tenderness at the temple area, he has told me of headaches (one so bad he felt sick at his stomach) and now he has mentioned a pain in his head that feels like someone sticking a knife in his head (comes and goes). I have begged him to go to the doctor. He said he might go in the morning (before he works tomorrow night), and/or may go Wed when he is off. I pray that he goes and gets this checked out. I am so worried about him.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Church - Bull riding

Today after church we had a luncheon. The kids, my dad and my sister and I sat and ate lunch together. They had a men's bakeoff contest where the men had baked cakes and pies. They received prizes and then the pies/cakes were auctioned off as a fund raiser for the new church. They were going anywhere from $40 - $500. It was an great way to raise money.

Also there was a mechanical bull. The adults/youth paid $5 each to ride (again to raise money for the new church), however the children were allowed to ride free. Mainly children rode. Erin rode 6 times, Alex rode just once. Even little Hayden rode (along with an older child) and of course the guy that was controlling it went REALLY slow with Hayden - and the other kids too. Several adults rode as well. Our Music Pastor and our Associate Pastor both rode, but money was raise to get them on. Again the day was a great fundraiser for the new church, and a great day of fellowship. Of course I didn't get to fellowship much because as soon a Hayden rode (the bull) he crawled up in my lap and went to sleep (while I was trying to eat). So I just fellowshiped with those around me. Erin and Alex wanted to go back to Big Daddy's house (my dad). So after I got home, talked to Jason on the computer, I went to my mom and dads and picked them up.

Sunday night the kids and I decided to rent a movie. We watched The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Alex said it was ok, but Erin and Hayden loved it. Hayden kept calling himself shark boy.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fun in the leaves....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Today was a beautiful fall day and the kids and I spent the majority of the day outside. Wow...there were soooo many leaves in the back yard. The kids played in the leaves and had the best time. Lots of leaves means lots of work for me. I need to call my brother-in-law Mike and get him to bring over the leaf vacum lawnmower thingy that him and Jason bought together. I have so much work to do in the yard. I will probably wait untill next weekend to get it done, and give the leaves another week to fall (so I can get more done at once).

Friday, November 11, 2005

Veterans Day 2005

Veterans, I thank you for your service, your honor, your sacrifice. You give unselfishly for our nation's freedom and for that we are truly grateful!

God Bless America, our veterans, our troops . . . We are a better nation because of you!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Getting in shape...

Ok, it is time for me to get serious about getting in shape!! I have a few pounds I want to lose and some muscle I want to tone up. I have a month, one week and four days before my Sweetie is home for a 2 week R&R. I want to look really good for him. So starting in the morning I will be working out EVERY morning! I have got to be strict with myself!

Also I want to let my hair grow back out. I have really loved my short hair (as in my profile pic), and thought it complemented my face, but I know Jason likes it long (most men do love that long hair). So once I can get it to the length that it was when he was deployed (back in January - family pic to the right) maybe I can get extensions and get it longer. Then one day it will be long like it was YEARS ago!! MANY years ago. I just want to look really pretty and make him happy.

So bright and early.. it's floor exercises, weights and my ab lounger.... and no more cutting my hair!

Night all! :-)

update on the template.

Well I have been pretty busy the past few days, too busy to blog... ha, but you may have noticed I made a few adjustments to the template of my blog, not many....but a few minor changes. hmmm but I had time to do that so I guess I better blog a little too. :-) I am so glad the weekend is almost here. I am so ready for a break. The girls are out of school tomorrow (Veteran's Day) and they are really excited about having a long weekend. We really don't have any specific plans. Well I do have to get all these leaves up out of my yard.

I got to talk to Jason today, not via web cam - as he was having internet problems, but on the phone. It was still great to talk to hear his voice. I can't believe he will be home soon to visit. Christmas is right around the corner and my sweetie will be here for two weeks!!!

Well gotta go.. one of my favorite shows just came back on... "Making the Band 3".

Have a great night everyone!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Well so far today is going pretty good.

Erin and I got up and finished up her homework. I got the kids out the door to school. Erin called me about 8:30 a.m. She had left her ID badge and purse at home (which has her lunch money in it she said). The purse was in the middle of the floor (with all the other things Hayden had dumped in her room last night). Her purse was opened and some of the items were hangin out ie. her ID badge and some lotion, etc, I looked in and noticed her lunch money was missing. So I put a few dollars in there so she could eat today. I know she said the money was in there and I am thinking while Hayden went on his ramage last night he probably took the money out. hmmm where would he have put it? If I could just read the mind of a 3-year-old.

At 12:00 I went to pick up Hayden from 3K. He had a good day and seemed in great spirits! He is laying down now ready for his nap. I am taking a small break from my typing (medical transcription) to blog and make some cookies for the kids. Then it's right back to work until I go pick up the girls from school at 2:45 pm.

So I hope you all have an excellent day.. and I am praying my evening goes smoothly!!!

Update: (3:20 pm)..... YEAH..Erin doesn't have as much homework tonight (which is good), I just hope that doesnt mean we get swamped with it tomorrow night (Wednesday night church). Ohhh Erin actually already had her lunch money (she had already put it in her lunch account). So little Hayden didnt take it. :-)

Monday, November 07, 2005


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just want to scream and cry... I really do (ok, I am crying.. Im just trying not to scream). I am even more stressed than I was earlier tonight. DEEP BREATH!!!! I can handle this all on my own.. I can. I know I can! I can do it!!

Erin and I just got finished with MOST of her homework (that we started on at 5:00 pm - break to eat, break for baths.). So we will get up EARLY in the morning and finish the rest of it (Lord help me to NOT over sleep, so we can get this finished in the morning.. PLEASE). Please let Erin get a well rested night so she will be well prepared in the morning.

Alex was a doll and helped me with Hayden while Erin and I studied and did her homework. However, Alex laid down to go to bed (bless her heart) and Hayden (3 yrd old) was supposed to be in bed (uhhhhh) yet he got up and destroyed my living room by getting into some of Erin's beads and pouring them in the carpet. So I have to go clean up that mess (Oh what a mess - he also made a mess in Erin's room - got out her toys and stuffed animals and dumped them in her floor. Believe me I gave him a spanking for it too because when I asked him about it he lied and said he didn't do it). Why did he do it? Maybe he was mad at me for telling him to go play while I helped Erin with homework? I don't know???? :-(

oh.. I need to clean up the mess from dinner (that I never got to earlier) My kitchen is a mess and I always clean up right after I cook, but I had other things to do... so I gotta go do it now.

Then I will be up for another hour or so typing (my medical transcription). I just don't want to stay up too late as I will have to get up early with Erin. However, I need to work and make money too!!!! :-(

Lord help me!! Please.. give me strength, give me patience!

Gifts....from Jason

Although I am extremely STRESSED out.... (see post below), I do have to say I got another box from my Sweetie today! He has found this lovely shop in Germany (World Famous Kathe Wohlfahrt) that sells "smokers" (beautiful wood carved incense burners) and many other beautiful items. I got a "smoker" last week from him (a beautiful wooden carved snowman). He sent the kids (well the girls) "smokers" today. Erin got a lady bug, Macie got a frog, and Alex got a kitty cat. He sent Hayden this wooden dragon toy that hangs from a bouncy coil. He also sent me a beautiful snowman (This one was not made in Germany) that lights up. I love snowmen!!

Anyway.. back to the "smokers". Here is the history of the smoker.

The incense Smoker originates from Christmas traditions begun by the Erzgebirge miners. This history of the smoking fellows dates back to 1580 when the first of these lovable Smokers were crafted to resemble smoking Turks.

During the Middle Ages it was not proper for Christians in Saxony to smoke in public. The habits of the Eastern spice peddlers, however, impressed and inspired the Saxons. Today Smokers come in many styles, but woodcrafters predominantly choose figures that reflect traditional village life. Kathe Wohlfahrt continues this tradition with carefully hand painted, cheerful smokers called "Holzknoddls".

Here is a link to their web page (showing some of the "smokers" that they sell). https://shop.wohlfahrt.com/


I am SOOOO stressed out today!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lord help me PLEASE,
Help me to handle all that I have on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005


You may recall that I was going to be a helper to one of the Children's Sunday School classes and also teach the class once a month as well (Girls ages 8-12). I was really looking forward to helping out in this class. I honestly felt the teacher needed me in there because many of the girls in the class were very disrespectful to her and would not listen to the lesson, but instead talked to each other, fiddled with their belongings, made jokes, got up and moved around, etc (all during the lesson). For those of you who know me, I am pretty outspoken and am just not the type to put up with this. I dont put up with that behavior from my children at home, and surely would not put up with it from children in a class room. I believe teachers deserve respect (whether that teacher be a teacher at school, Sunday school, children's church, pastors, and yes even parents - as we too are teachers). When teachers speak, pupils should listen! Now don't get me wrong... I'm not Sgt. Mom!.. or Sgt Deanne. I'm not so strict that you can't have any fun, but I do believe pupils owe their teachers respect. I believe I would have been a positive influence on that classroom.

However, our Sunday Morning Bible Study is about to undergo some new changes/reorginzation (for the children's teachers....again). They are moving around some teachers, combining some classes, etc. They do want me to teach, but it would not be for a set class. There are four children's classes they want me to rotate through. See each of these four teachers would get an "off day" once every six weeks. I would be their substitute teacher. Therefore I would be rotating classrooms four times in a six week period (I would get two Sundays where I could go to the Women's class as I would not be teaching). However, I would also be available those two Sundays to be the emergency fill-in, if someone could not make it. This would entail me having and knowing the lessons for all four classrooms. I was excited when I was first asked to do this, but as I sat down and thought about it, and prayed about it, I just don't think its in God's timing for me to take on this responsibility. God knows I have my plate FULL now with Jason being gone and all the responsiblity I am having to take care of at home (with the kids). I think I could handle being a helper and teaching once a month, but to do this...is just too much for me (right now). I know the church needs me, but my family needs my sanity right now, and I just don't think I can juggle all of this.

I am needing to focus more time with my work, and especially my kids, and making sure they have what they need from me. I will continue to pray about this and know the Lord will let me know when the timing is right.

ohhhh what a day!!!


I picked Erin up from her friend's house. They had a GREAT time Friday night. I am so glad that Erin was able to go. Then at 4:30 the kids and I had another B'day party to attend (their friend Sheldon - who was turning 7). His party was at Skateland. They had so much fun. They ate pizza, bday cake and ice cream, skated, played games. Hayden put on some little skates and skated too. Some little kid came around Erin and knocked her down. She fell right on her tail bone. OUCH!! It hurt for a while, but she is ok. Well the party ended at 6:30 pm and we headed home. After getting home all the kids were getting baths. It was time for me to give Hayden a bath and as I went to take his clothes off he had large red WHELPS all over his body!!!! He was scratching profusely too! Oh no!!! He must have had an allergic reaction to something (what ... I don't know). Anyway I gave him a cool bath, gave him some medicine, and let him lay in my bed. The medicine kicked in quickly and he seemed to be ok. With my obligations at church the next morning, I decided I better make some calls. So I called our Associate Pastor to let her know I would not be there for "nursery" and they would have to get someone to cover me. I also called our Music Pastor to let him know I would not be there to sing in the choir.

Sunday Morning

When Hayden woke up the whelps were gone ... however I still decided to keep him home from church (sometimes heat will bring them back up). I still needed to take Alex to church as she had a speaking part in the song they were performing this morning. Erin said her tail bone was still sore (from falling last night) so she stayed home with me. My dad "Big Daddy" is going to bring Alex home from church. I am so happy for Alex that she got a speaking part. She has never been picked before for a speaking part and this just really made her day!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Web Cam!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah!!!!! Jason finally got internet in his room (again). Its been 3 months since we have been able to talk via our web cams/instant messenger. As most of you know Jason was moved to another base, where they were placed in temporary housing, then finally got moved to the housing where they will be staying, and NOW he has internet connection! It was soooooo awesome to see his smile, to see his face when we talked. Hayden was really excited about seeing daddy on the computer. Hayden (who is 3) has really really missed him so much (and it seemed to get worse during the 3 months that he couldnt talk to us over the web cam). So now maybe Hayden won't have so many bad nights anymore. It's hard on us, but it makes it easier when we get to communicate with Jason this way.

Please keep Jason in your prayers. I am really worried about him. He seems to be having some problems (from his TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury - from March 2004). He says he feels as though his head is a little bigger in the site where the limb struck his head/where he had surgery. This SCARES me!!!! Also near his temple he says it is very tender and hurts to touch it. I have begged him to go to the doctor, but he says he is just too busy! I don't know what to do, but just pray about this and stay on him about going to the doctor. I think he is scared to go!!! Please pray about this situation.

Well Erin is off to the slumbar party for her friend Madison. They are going out-to-eat and to the movies to see Chicken Little. There will be a total of 5 girls. They should have a blast tonight!

Alex and Hayden have a BIG fluffy pallet in front of the 62" wide screen - with the surround sound going watching movies (Robots right now, and then the next on on the list is Racing Stripes). Oh and of course they are eating popcorn too.. sounds like fun!! Hey, I think I will go join them. :-)

((Hugs)) to all. Have a great night!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

She got an A+

Yeah.... Erin got 105/100 on her test today! Yep she got an A+ and even got the bonus question correct. I knew she could do it!

So it looks like she will be going to the slumber party.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

One tuff momma!

I know sometimes my girls probably think I am too tough on them, but I have to be. They may not realize it, but it is for their own good. I may be tough, but its tough LOVE! See, I have seen other kids (kids who go to school with them, and yes even kids they go to church with) who have the worst attitudes, talk and act hateful, and have no respect for others (their peers and adults) and I simply will not allow my children to be that way. If I tell my children to do something, I expect them to do it. I shouldn't have to repeat myself multiple times, and threaten to whip or ground them, and then not follow through with it, and them get away with doing whatever they want. What kind of lesson is that? What have I taught them if they can get away with anything? So if the rule is you are supposed to do "this" and you don't then "this will be the consequence" and sometimes that consequence can be pretty strict. Like, not going skating, and/or not getting to go the slumber party and movies with your friends. Its hard, and it breaks my heart to do it.

Erin seems to be going through a hard time. If I don't keep my foot down now, I will regret it later. She is a sweetheart and so loving, but she has gotten to where she does not want to clean her room (which she knows is a very important rule of mine). She also is not bringing home all of her homework, not studying for tests, and not asking for help in subjects she needs help with. She was on a 3 strike you're out system with me this week (concerning whether if she was going to be able to go the slumber party this coming weekend). She had not been doing what I asked and I was really stressed out and simply fed up with it this week. Then today she brings me her planner showing me where one of her teachers (Social Studies) was having me sign where she made bad marks on two tests. I was so disappointed. I asked her why she did so poorly and she said she didn't study. I asked her why she didnt study and she said she didn't know.

Erin and I skipped church tonight. I took Alex to church and went back and picked her up. Erin and I stayed home and went over her math homework (which she really struggles with math). We also went over her Social Studies test (which is tomorrow - Thursday). She did GREAT!!! I asked questions, she got the answers.. it was so easy. I asked her why she did so well on this with us practicing and failed the other two. She said she just didn't study for them. So we made a pact that as soon as she gets in from school she is to get a snack and a drink then she is to bring ALL of her homework in MY bedroom and I will sit down with her while she does her homework. I want to know of EVERY test she is going to have and I want to review that with her nightly. I will just have to stop my typing (Medical Transcription) at 3:00 pm after I pick them up from school and just start back on it after they go to bed at night (which is why I am still up now). Anyway it took Erin and I a while tonight to get her homework and studying done, but we did it and when we were done she felt better (and more confident). However I admit it was hard to do with Hayden also wanting attention - MAN I miss Jason being home I sure could use his help!!!!!!.

I had previously told Erin that because of two poor test scores (and I am talking REALLY BAD) that she could not go to the slumber party. However I told her that if she did exceptionally well on the test tomorrow then she could go to the slumber party Friday night. She was excited..but I told her she had to do really well. So yes, I caved.. (a little). But I still think she sees how serious I am. AND she still has to do exceptionally well on that test to go (it has to be GREAT in order to bring up her grades). I am confident that she will do well tomorrow.

Life is so hard as it is with being a mom and taking care of the kids, homework, etc.. and I miss Jason so much!!! I am so stressed out lately... I just keep smiling and acting like everything is ok, but I am really stressed out! I don't want people to feel sorry for me and think I am weak... I want to be strong and make Jason proud of me for handling this all on my own.. but sometimes I don't feel like I'm doing a good job! But that's just the devil trying to get me down.. "ok girl" (talking to myself now..haha).. "keep on smiling and doing your best"!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Trick-or-Treat 2005

Hey everyone, we had an awesome time last night. We went to my brother-in-law Mike and his wife Julie's house. They invited a big group of people over and we cooked out and also went trick-or-treating. Here are a few of the pictures I took.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is the group of kids we took Trick-or-Treating.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Here is Tori (their cousin) and Erin.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Here is my other kitty, Alex.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My Cowboy, Hayden. The flash washed him out in this pic, but I loved the smile and how the hat was tilted!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Hayden and Chris (their cousin) cathing a ride at the end of the night.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This photo was actually taken at the school party. It is of Presley (my friend Amy's daughter) and Hayden.