I Love My Soldier: December 2005

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Today is the day!!!!

Well Today is the day! Jason's flight will arrive at 5:30. I am soooo excited. His mom is going to pick him up from the airport as she has to drive out that way to pick up his daugter Macie.

The rest of the kids and I will be anxiously awaiting him at home. I told him a few days ago that I couldn't wait to see Hayden's face (our three year old) when he walks in the door. Jason said he wasn't going to walk in the door, he said he was going to run.

So... Today I am still "super cleaning" getting everything super nice for him.

I still can't believe he will be home for TWO weeks. Well, I have lots to do, I will write later.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Email from a classmate

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Today I received an email from a girl I went to highschool with (who graduated a year after me).

Hi Deanne! I'm not sure if you remember me but I was "Laney ******** LEFT OUT FOR PRIVACY VIA DEANNE" (class of 1991). I read your column you write for the local paper and I really enjoy it. You have always been a happy, positive person but I love how much you love the Lord! Thank you being such a great witness!

I graduated 15 years ago and have kept in touch with a few people, but there are many that I have simply lost touch with. Laney mentions in the email that she reads the column I write for our local paper. I have written an article for this paper for the past 3 years (well I write for the Lord, but it is published in the paper). Laney had contacted me through a names database she found on the net. I was able to reply to her through that web page. Of course in the email I give her my personal email so she can contact me. I would love to hear what all she has been doing. It is still hard for me to believe I have been out of school for 15 years. So much has happened (good and bad) since then. Despite the good and bad I have truly been blessed and have grown and matured in life, love, and the Lord!

Quick note....

Hey everyone... sorry if I don't "blog" often the next couple of days. I have SOOO many things on my list to get done before Jason arrives Wednesday evening. I want everything to be EXTRA special for him.

QUICK note....

The girls have school through Wednesday. They originally were supposed to only go today, but because they were out after Hurricane Katrina, they have make-up days and this Tues/Wed are those days. Erin also has exams today so she HAD to be there today.

Yesterday at church the girls performed "Angels among us". They did an "AWESOME job". They also had a birthday party for Jesus. It was a great party and really enjoyed being there. There was a drawing to give away three turkeys. Well TWO of my kids won! So we will pick up the turkeys Wednesday.

Hayden is getting a NEW bed tomorrow. My in-laws have bought him a really nice twin bed that has the drawers underneath. My mother-in-law will be taking Hayden tomorrow and spending the day with him (they are going to see Santa) and I will be home cleaning, typing, and waiting on the delivery people.

Well... I gotta run, I have LOTS to do!!

UPDATE: 9:25 pm

After picking Erin and Alex up from school we had errands to run. Bank, grocery store, dollar store, Walmart... whew I was glad to get home. Alex was told that if they stayed home from school Tues and Wed that it would NOT count against them. Since they were orginally scheduled to be OUT those two days and they were only added as weather days (because of Katrina) and because so many people have plans to be away, they dont have to go. Alex said half the school was there today. Erin said after 11:00 today half their school check out. So.. I have decided to let them stay home with me. They both said they will help get everything perfect and tiddy for Jason's visit home. They are such sweet girls! I THANK THE LORD DAILY for the beautiful family he has blessed me with!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Yard work and a Christmas Party!

First of all.. EVERYONE is healthy!!! YEAH!!

Today has been quite a busy day. Erin had company spend the night last night and the kids had a great time. I slept in until 8 am and it felt so good. I have so much that needs to be done... so I started in the yard. I spent HOURS working in the front and back, cleaning up all the leaves with the leaf sucker, mulcher thingy (looks like a lawnmower, but it sucks up all the leaves, mulches them into the bag attached - really neat and so much easier than raking and baging). However everytime I do this it really kicks my rear end because I empty about 10-15 bags. There is a GIANT tree in my back yard and it still has tons of leaves on it (so I am sure I will be busy again in a few days).

Then it was a quick trip to drop Erin's friend (Kim) off at her house, back home to throw in a load of clothes, and everyone get baths and get ready for tonight. Yep, we have plans tonight! We are heading to my grandmother's house in a few minutes for a Family Christmas Party. I am really excited as there are cousins I haven't seen in years who have moved to other states.

We didn't go to the annual Christmas party last year as that was the same night Jason's dad (Norman) wanted us to come to their house. That was our last Christmas with Norman as he died a week before Jason was deployed of a massive heart attack. As great as this Christmas will be with Jason, the kids and I getting to spend it together with him, I know it will be hard on Jason being the first Christmas without his dad.

Well, I gotta get shoes on the kids and get out the door. Have a great evening everyone... Much love!! ((hugs)).

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oh NO not again!!!

Here is the breakdown of my kids being SICK this month.....

Alex (fever/vomitting) 12/3 &4 and AGAIN 12/13
Hayden (fever/vomitting) 12/6,7,8 and AGAIN last night and this morning 12/14&15
Erin (fever/strep throat) 12/10,11,12,13

So far the 5th and 9th are the only two days someone hasnt been sick.. Keep us in your prayers. It is like the devil is trying to attack us. I want my kids healthy and well.

I received a phone call from Jason last night. Something is wrong with the charger to his lap top. It will not charge at all. He is having problems calling the 1-800 # to Compaq about getting a replacment charger, so I am going to have to call them today. They should replace the charger as it has a year warranty. I will have to have them send it to the house since he will be home in a week (for two weeks). However that means NO web cam for the next week (we will have to rely on me calling him).

Well I have a pretty busy day ahead... so I gotta run, but have a GREAT day everyone (and keep us in your prayers today)!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A fun filled day.....

It was really busy this morning at our house as all three kids had plans at school today. Erin (who is feeling better and able to go back to school) was going with her class to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (She has read the book so I am anxious to see how she likes the movie). Alex was going with her class to see the Nutcracker. Hayden had a party at school (and all the 3K children were going to perform some Christmas songs as well).

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So the time comes for the 3K to perform their songs and we are waiting in the chapel for the children. The children line up all well-behaved and ready to perform, and as soon as several children laid eyes on their parents sitting out in the audience some begin to cry (of course mine being one of them). Us mothers who had crying kids made our way down and sat in the floor up front, with our children who came and sat in our laps. Some children were still up on stage crying, some were singing, some were singing parts of the songs they were not supposed to be singing yet, it was just adorable. They all did a great job, even if they cried through the singing.

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Then it was back to their classroom for a CHRISTmas party. This is what they really enjoyed...cupcakes, cookies, and of course PRESENTS! Above is a picture of Hayden and Presley. Her mother (Amy) and I are friends. One of the other mothers told me about a play group that they have at their church for mothers who stay home and their children. She invited us to be a part of the group and I am really exicited about this. She said they meet once a month and she will send me the information for January!

Well it is ONE week until my Hubby is home for his 2 week R&R. This is going to be the BEST CHRISTmas ever!!!!! I couldn't ask for anything more!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Best Blog Contest

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Thank you to all of you who have been voting for me in the "Best Blog Contest". There will be three prizes award. One prize is awarded to the blog in each "category" that gets the most votes. Another prize is awarded for the "Best Designed Blog" and that will be decided by a panel of three judges. Another prize is awarded for the "Best Blog" this is for all blogs entered into the contest, and that is also decided by a panel of three judges.

Well today and tomorrow are the last days to vote in the BEST BLOG CONTEST (you can vote once per day). Click the button above, Vote for the Best Blog, Cast your vote, and scroll on down to the "Best Military Life Blog" and click by "I love my solider - Life Back Home". It would be cool to get the prizes (Amazon Gift Cards). I could order something special for my soldier (who will be home for Christmas).

Thank you to all my faithful blog readers who go and vote for me!! ((hugs to you)).

Monday, December 12, 2005

Another day in the life of me
~*my life back home*~

This morning started out busy... I haven't been sleeping well, which in turn has caused me to sleep later in the mornings. I got up with the children, rushing around getting them ready for school (oh how I hate to rush). Alex and Hayden would both be going to school today, but with Erin being up throughout the night with a sore throat and feeling horrible this morning she would be going to the doctor instead. Grabbing a quick cup of coffee I headed out the door to start our day.

Erin's doctors appointment was scheduled at 10:20, so either I was going to have to pick-up Hayden early and take him with us, or I could let him stay late, as there was no way I would be able to be back and pick him up by 11:00 (when 3K ends). I decided since we would be in the pediatrician's office filled with sick children my best bet would be to let Hayden stay for another hour of daycare at school. Well a visit at the doctor diagnosed Erin with STREP throat! So it was off to the pharmacy next to start her on Amoxicillin. Her pediatrician also went up on her dosage of Concerta (for her ADHD). She had been on the same dosage for several years, and with her recent struggles in school we decided it best to up her medication and see how that does.

Then it was back to the daycare to pick-up Hayden and head home to try to get some typing (medical transcription done). My morning had been so busy and I needed to try and get as much typing done during the afternoon. Hayden really seemed to be a handful this afternoon and I was having a hard time working. Erin seemed to be feeling a little better to (but we know how that goes.. when sick we seem to feel better the middle of the day, but oh when night comes it gets worse again). Before I knew it, it was time to pick Alex up from school.

Then back home again trying to get my work done. Erin was starting to feel bad and started taking it easy, and everyone else seemed to get in a calmer mood as well. However then it was time to cook supper, throw in a couple of loads of clothes, get children in the bath and off to bed early to have a good nights sleep. I still haven't gotten my work completed (which upsets me) however I will be up late typing (which is really good because there are NO distractions)

As far as talking to my Sweetie... Jason and I had a great day on the web cam. We talked about all kinds of things and really enjoyed our time chatting. We talked about him coming home and how wonderful it will be to see each other.. I still can't believe in 9 days my Sweetie will be home for TWO weeks! I know I am going on and on about it, but I am just so happy!!

I spoke with my hubby today and I also spoke with my mother-in-law, but it wasn't until later this evening that I realized what today is. DEC 12th. That day has great significance to our family. It was two years ago today that my brother-in-law Rodney died. He died of a drug overdose. Within the past two years I have had two people close to me die from drugs (my brother-in-law Rodney, and a life-long friend Christy). Drugs kill!! I have been honest with my children about drugs and how Rodney and Christy both died. I have told them how drugs will ruin your life and will kill you. Drugs are nothing to be played around with, all it takes is one time of trying something and you can be drawn into a life that you will hate! So to those of you out there who have never tried drugs.. DON'T. To those of you who have and struggle with an addiction - Please seek help, pray to God daily and turn your addiction over to Him. If you know someone who is on drugs, encourage them to seek help, pray for them, don't give into their addiction but do what you can to help them overcome it.

Well, I better get busy typing this work (looks like it will be another long night ahead of me). Just thinking.. I miss the nights when Jason was home and I spent my evenings with him. That was OUR time when the kids had gone to bed. I miss those times. It is evenings that I cry and miss him the most because it is quiet. THAT is just another good reason for me to work late at night. A busy mind doesn't have time to think of the things that break our heart! Before long this deployment will be over and I will once again have my evenings back with my Sweetie again! Life back home is hard without him, but the love we share makes it all worth the wait!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

"Momma, my throat hurts"

Within a week all three of my children have been sick. It was just about two months ago that all three of them were sick (fever, stomach virus), and now they are sick AGAIN. Last weekend Alex started running fever, complaining of a headache and within 5 hours she was sick at her stomach; then two days later Hayden starts running fever, complaining of a headache and the next day he got sick at his stomach. Well two days after that Erin starts running fever and I assumed the same would follow for her, however she cries "Momma, my throat hurts". She sounds congested in her head too. So I have given her medicine and got her some throat spray as well. I hate to see my children sick, I am just thankful that this time and last time they were all sick, it was within days of each other and NOT all at the same time.

I really hope that Erin gets better soon and that this is not strep throat or anything bad. She has a Field-Trip Wednesday to see "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". She is really excited about going to the movie with her class (and afterwards they are supposed to stop by the Galleria and each lunch).

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With Erin sick today we were unable to make it to church. The girls were supposed to be angels in the Christmas Drama today. There are about 15-20 girls playing angels singing "Angels among us" at the end of the drama. I really hate that they didn't get to participate. We didn't make it to church last Sunday either (as Alex was sick then). Ok Devil, stay away from my kids!! We need to be healthy and we need to be back in church. I really hate missing church. The Sunday before Alex was sick I had nursery (so it really seems like forever since I have been in the sanctuary on a Sunday morning). Hopefully everything will flow smoothly this week and we will be able to make it next weekend!

Well, its almost time for me to get on Web Cam with my Hubby (The BEST part of my day). I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day! ((hugs)).

Saturday, December 10, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTmas

Last night the girls spent the night with their Aunt Kerri. Hayden and I spent time some mommy/son time together watching CHRISTmas shows on ABC Family and we made a batch of CHRISTmas cookies.

This morning we got up and got ready to head to the CHRISTmas parade in our hometown. My (ex)sister-in-law Kerri and my girls met us there, as did my mother-in-law and father-in-law, as well as my brother-in-law, his wife and their kids. The parade was great and the kids got sooo much candy. Several of the floats represented our troops and it really got to me. One float said "I'll be home for Christmas" and I just teared up thinking that in 11 days my Sweetie will be home. Oh how I wish it was for good, but even if it is for TWO weeks it is TWO weeks we will get to spend together.

My friend Amy and her two kids Tyler and Presley (Presley is also in Hayden's class) came over after the CHRISTmas parade and we exchanged gifts. The kids really enjoyed getting together and opening gifts, however Erin told me she didn't feel well. I felt her head and YES you guessed it...she was running a fever!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO!!!! I gave Erin some medicine and she went to lay down in her bed. I am hoping the vomiting doesn't come next (although it did with Alex and Hayden).

Then our cat "Cuddles" decided to climb the CHRISTmas tree! uhhhh. She has never done this before. Well the tree almost fell, got dislodged from the base, and it was just a mess. Amy and I tried to straighten the tree up, but it was just to heavy. I leaned the tree over against the wall (for now). We enjoyed a little more time with our company and once they left I started taking down ornaments and lights so I could take apart the tree and put it back up (lights, ornaments and all). THAT is what I am in the middle of doing right now, however I took a little break to come blog for a bit.

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AND I also got to speak to Jason for just a little while today on the web cam. His cam kept locking up so all I could see was a still picture, but at least I could hear his voice. I am so excited about getting to see him in 11 days, yet again I am nervous. I will not want him to return back to Germany, but I know that has to happen (but only until June/2006 - then he comes home for good). I love that man so much!!!!!!

"It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTmas, every where we go". With all the lights up on the houses and decorations out in the yards, the CHRISTmas music playing on the radio, greeting cards coming in the mail, cookies baking, CHRISTmas parades, CHRISTmas dramas, spending time with friends and family, and YES presents!! Oh how I just love CHRISTmas. Most importantly let us not forget the real reason for the season, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Share the love that Jesus brought into this world by spending time with family and friends, giving from your hearts, and loving as Christ loved this CHRISTmas season and throughout the new year.

Well I gotta go check on Erin and finish putting my tree back up!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

what a day, what a day

Well last night, Hayden ended up getting "sick" at his stomach (to go along with the fever he has been running). I was hoping that it would not happen, but knowing the course the virus took with Alex I was expecting it too. He only got sick a few times, ran a fever again, but slept pretty good through the night. He is doing GREAT today. No fever, no vomiting. You would not believe this is the same child who was so sick for two days. I am glad that it is over.. and now just praying that Erin or I don't get it. (I admit I was feeling kind of yucky myself yesterday, but I feel ok today).

I have lots of work to do today (this work will go on my January pay checks). I am still concerned (stressing) over how I am going to financially manage some things I need to take care of by the end of this week, and before Jason gets home on the 21st, but I am putting my faith in the Lord to work it out.

I have also been stressed over the annoyance of bills I have been getting from Jason's Hospital visit in 03/2004. As many of you know Jason was in an accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury and underwent surgery and spent a month in the NICU. We almost lost him!! Tricare was supposed to pay for everything (as he was on Active duty when the accident happened), and there was a mix-up with the hospital and they are just now billing Tricare for some of the charges. Tricare got all mixed up and started denying claims! Anyway I had to contact his Commander at the time of the accident and he got in touch with the State Military Department and they are working it all out. I just keep getting bills and phone calls for thousands and thousands of dollars.. so I am trying to make sure it is all taken care of. They have apologized and say they are working on it, but with the stress I have on me with Jason being gone, having to take care of everything I am having to do at home right now, my bills that I need to get caught up, buying groceries for Christmas etc.. this is the LAST thing I need.

Oh and yesterday this lady almost hit us in our car. We were running late to school and I was on my way to drop Alex off. Well I stopped at a three way (right by the school) and had made a complete stop, I pressed my gas to go and a lady came FLYING down the main strip, ran her stop sign and almost hit my car. I honked my horn at her. I went and dropped Alex off, and then I saw where the lady went. She too was taking her child to school. She had pulled down near the gym and I pulled in behind her. I was furious! I probably should have calmed down first, but I didn't. I rolled down my window and started screaming at her. I told her that if I had pressed my gas pedal a few seconds sooner she would have ran right into the side of my car and possibly killed my child (Alex had been sitting on that side). She starts apologizing. ."Maam I'm so sorry" over and over. I told her that obviously both of us were running late, but that it gave her no excuse to drive so fast and run a stop sign, because getting her kid to school on time wouldn't have mattered very much if she had killed mine in the process! Again she kept apologizing. I just backed up and drove off. Ok, maybe I could have handled it better (In a more Christian way - with love) but I was so mad.

Ok., well I gotta get back to work. And enough complaining out of me (like I said I blog on the "good days and the bad" - but I know you all get tired of me having so many BAD times and complaining.. I apologize). I am grateful for my family.. and the fact that my Sweetie will be here for Christmas!!!!

Have a GREAT day everyone!! Love ya. ((hugs)).

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Another child sick...

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Yes, once again another one of my children is sick. ohhh! Last night I heard Hayden crying, I went into his room and asked him what was wrong. He began to cry and say "I miss my daddy" (this is something that happens frequently during the night). However this time as I went to hug and comfort him he was burning up with fever. I picked up his weak little body and carried him to my room. I got him some medicine, something cold to drink and a cool rag. As he laid in my bed and fell back asleep, I prayed over him that his fever would drop quickly and that he would not get the vomiting part of the virus that Alex had just a few nights before (if this was the same virus). His fever did break quickly and he never did get "sick". This morning he ran a low fever and I again gave him some medicine to break his fever. He is laying down now resting and watching TV.

I called the church to find out what time the girls had practice for the Christmas Drama and to confirm what they are supposed to wear. As I told Rhonda (The administrator) about Hayden being sick, she told me that a virus was going around. I had to call Karen (the music pastor's wife) at work to find out what the girls had to wear. When I talked to her she told me her oldest daughter was sick with the stomach virus too. I pray for all these children that are sick and that they recover quickly. I pray for the family and friends that are around our children that we not catch this yucky virus!!! I can't get sick, I just can't. With Jason gone, I just don't know how I could handle taking care of children if I was sick. Once again I REFUSE to get sick!! (sounds like I just said this the other day.. and again about a month and a half ago when all my kids were sick). I also REFUSE for Erin to get sick! Erin does not need to catch this virus. I pray a hedge of protection around her.

Tonight the girls have practice for the Christmas Drama. With Hayden sick I will have to just drop the girls off and go back and pick them up. They will have a dress rehearsal tomorrow night as well.

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Well, the countdown is getting closer until Jason gets home. He will be here in 14 days (Dec 21st). I am so looking forward to getting to spend TWO whole weeks with him. This will be the best Christmas ever!!! However a part of me is a little nervous.. Oh my, I haven't seen him in 7 months (well except for web cam) and just the thought of getting to hold him again brings me to tears! I love him so much! I am going to enjoy every second of the TWO weeks that he will be home, because after that it will be 5 months before we hold each other again.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Alex and RLC

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Yesterday I had a meeting with one of Alex's teachers. Well Alex is in RLC (The gifted program). Her teacher was going over her test with me and was talking about how intelligent she was. Alex is in the 4th grade this year, but he was already talking to me about when she gets in High School. He said instead of her going to regular highschool and taking honors classes he thinks she should go to the Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School (on the Shades Valley Campus). It was ranked the top school in the US!! http://www.jefcoed.com/newsweek.htm. For now she will continue in the gifted program at the elementary school, and then take advance classes in middle school, and hopefully she will be accepted into the JCIB school when she gets in 9th grade. I'm a very proud mother!!!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

What a Saturday...

Last night the kids and I went over to Momma Glad's house (Her real name is Nancy and she is like my second mom whom I've known almost all my life) to see her Christmas Decorations. My mother was over there also. It was nice to sit and talk, and the kids and I really enjoyed being over there. However, Alex (my youngest daughter who is 9) started complaining of feeling bad. My mother felt her and she felt hot. The kids and I left and went home and I gave Alex some Tylenol and put her to bed. During the night I went in and checked on her and she was burning up with fever. I gave her some Tylenol and got a cool rag to cool her down. Then about 3 am she woke up vomiting. I felt so sorry for her (It was just about a month or two ago that all three of my kids had the stomach virus). She spent the majority of today sleeping. She woke up a few times and got sick and complained of her head hurting. At one point she started to feel a little better and tried to get up, but when she did she said she felt like a bobble head doll and her head felt really heavy and she felt woozy. She spend the evening laying around, but as night grew closer she started to feel worse again. She went to bed about 8 pm.

Of course since Alex is sick, we will not be going to church tomorrow. Even if she is feeling a little better in the morning she will need to rest as she has school Monday morning. I just pray that this virus passes quickly and she starts to feel better.

As you can imagine with Alex sick, my day didn't go as planned (getting the yard cleaned), but I did get several things done around the house. As of last week I already had my tree up and decorated and had most of my Christmas decorations out. Tonight I set up my Christmas Village and it looks so pretty. Tomorrow I am going to hang lights out on the deck and put some decorations out in the yard too.

Jason and I talked twice (once via web cam and once on the phone). We talked this morning via web cam right before he went to work (which was evening for him). He starts a new shift the next three days and we will not have much time to talk, however I am grateful that we do get to talk. Jason did call me this evening. However I did frighten him when he called. He had tried to call several times and I didn't hear the phone (the cordless was in the bedroom and the phone that was in the living room got unplugged from me moving things around for Christmas). Finally I heard the phone ring and answered it and he was worried. He thought Alex had gotten worse and we had gone to the hospital, but I assured him everything was fine. I immediately went and plugged the phone up in the living room.

I still can't believe that in 18 days Jason's flight will come in and we will get to spend TWO weeks with him. I love and miss him so much!!! It has been so long since we have seen him. I want his visit home to be the best!! However, I admit I am a little stressed as I have some things I need to get paid and caught up before he gets home and I'm not sure how I am going to do it. But I know the Lord will work everything out. I am just rejoicing knowing that we will get to spend Christmas together. This will be the best Christmas ever!! The kids and I are soooo excited about seeing him.

Well I need to go and check on Alex and get to bed soon myself. I hope you all have a blessed evening! I will blog again tomorrow. ((hugs)).

Friday, December 02, 2005

Roadside Bomb Kills 10 Marines in Iraq

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

As much as I love my husband and miss his presence in my and the kid's daily lives, I am grateful that his act of service has required him to stay in Germany. Although I share in the loneliness that many military spouses feel, I don't know the fear that many of them have (whose spouses are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan). Today I read on Yahoo News about a roadside bomb that killed 10 marines. Today as I rejoiced in counting down the days until my husband gets to come home and visit for Christmas, there are families who will be notified of the worst news they could ever imagine. I lift up the family and friends of these soldiers in my prayers. I Pray God gives them strength and peace in the moments to come.


Yes its finally Friday. Actually this week really flew by for me. I was really busy working and busy with the kids, as we always have so much going on. Of course my weekend will be busy too (with chores around the house and yard) but I am still looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow I will be working out in the yard, cleaning up the leaves in the back (ahhh all those leaves). However I must say when the yard looks nice, when the house looks nice it makes me so happy. I have such an obession about wanting my house to be clean and everything in order. I really do believe I have an obsessive/complusive disorder. It does bring me joy to see everything nice, but when things are out of place or messy it bothers me so bad. I wish it didn't bother me so bad. Even if no one stopped by to see me I want my house CLEAN and in order. Of course as soon as it is one of "those" days that it gets all messy, is when someone will drop by. That makes me feel bad when someone sees my house messy (or atleast what I consider messy). Like I said, I wish I didnt feel that way and wish I didnt have the complusive desire to always have everything so neat.

I have been going and getting a little shopping done. However, we have done 99% of our shopping on line this year. Even though we are paying shipping charges, I don't have to fight the lines in the mall, drive all over town looking for something, and also try to squeeze my shopping in during the hours that Hayden would be at 3K. I am not missing work by doing all that shopping either. BUT shopping on-line it is not the same and not as fun, so I am getting out and doing a little. The kids and I are going after school to pick up a few little things for Erin's friend.

Hayden had some pictures made at school and they are SOOOO cute! I will get them Monday after I pick him up and will post one on my blog. I can't wait to show it to you, he is such an adorable, beautiful, handsome little boy (I am a proud mommy)!!

The countdown is getting closer.. Just 19 days until Jason is home (for a 2 week R&R). I am getting so excited. Like I have said before Jason has missed so much this past year (birthdays, holidays, just seeing the kids grow) and to be able to have Christmas together is an answered prayer. This will be the best Christmas ever!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Outstanding site of the month!

Cut and pasted from my Guestbook.

Hi Deanne- Just wanted to say hi and let you
know I featured you as "Site of the Month" at
All my best to you and Jason and your family.
My prayers are with all of you.
God protect our troops,