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Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Monday, December 12, 2005

Another day in the life of me
~*my life back home*~

This morning started out busy... I haven't been sleeping well, which in turn has caused me to sleep later in the mornings. I got up with the children, rushing around getting them ready for school (oh how I hate to rush). Alex and Hayden would both be going to school today, but with Erin being up throughout the night with a sore throat and feeling horrible this morning she would be going to the doctor instead. Grabbing a quick cup of coffee I headed out the door to start our day.

Erin's doctors appointment was scheduled at 10:20, so either I was going to have to pick-up Hayden early and take him with us, or I could let him stay late, as there was no way I would be able to be back and pick him up by 11:00 (when 3K ends). I decided since we would be in the pediatrician's office filled with sick children my best bet would be to let Hayden stay for another hour of daycare at school. Well a visit at the doctor diagnosed Erin with STREP throat! So it was off to the pharmacy next to start her on Amoxicillin. Her pediatrician also went up on her dosage of Concerta (for her ADHD). She had been on the same dosage for several years, and with her recent struggles in school we decided it best to up her medication and see how that does.

Then it was back to the daycare to pick-up Hayden and head home to try to get some typing (medical transcription done). My morning had been so busy and I needed to try and get as much typing done during the afternoon. Hayden really seemed to be a handful this afternoon and I was having a hard time working. Erin seemed to be feeling a little better to (but we know how that goes.. when sick we seem to feel better the middle of the day, but oh when night comes it gets worse again). Before I knew it, it was time to pick Alex up from school.

Then back home again trying to get my work done. Erin was starting to feel bad and started taking it easy, and everyone else seemed to get in a calmer mood as well. However then it was time to cook supper, throw in a couple of loads of clothes, get children in the bath and off to bed early to have a good nights sleep. I still haven't gotten my work completed (which upsets me) however I will be up late typing (which is really good because there are NO distractions)

As far as talking to my Sweetie... Jason and I had a great day on the web cam. We talked about all kinds of things and really enjoyed our time chatting. We talked about him coming home and how wonderful it will be to see each other.. I still can't believe in 9 days my Sweetie will be home for TWO weeks! I know I am going on and on about it, but I am just so happy!!

I spoke with my hubby today and I also spoke with my mother-in-law, but it wasn't until later this evening that I realized what today is. DEC 12th. That day has great significance to our family. It was two years ago today that my brother-in-law Rodney died. He died of a drug overdose. Within the past two years I have had two people close to me die from drugs (my brother-in-law Rodney, and a life-long friend Christy). Drugs kill!! I have been honest with my children about drugs and how Rodney and Christy both died. I have told them how drugs will ruin your life and will kill you. Drugs are nothing to be played around with, all it takes is one time of trying something and you can be drawn into a life that you will hate! So to those of you out there who have never tried drugs.. DON'T. To those of you who have and struggle with an addiction - Please seek help, pray to God daily and turn your addiction over to Him. If you know someone who is on drugs, encourage them to seek help, pray for them, don't give into their addiction but do what you can to help them overcome it.

Well, I better get busy typing this work (looks like it will be another long night ahead of me). Just thinking.. I miss the nights when Jason was home and I spent my evenings with him. That was OUR time when the kids had gone to bed. I miss those times. It is evenings that I cry and miss him the most because it is quiet. THAT is just another good reason for me to work late at night. A busy mind doesn't have time to think of the things that break our heart! Before long this deployment will be over and I will once again have my evenings back with my Sweetie again! Life back home is hard without him, but the love we share makes it all worth the wait!


At 6:01 AM, Blogger BayouMaMa2 said...

Hey Deanne! I've been thinking about you...I know the anticipation must be unbelievable!

Sorry to hear about Erin...strep has been going around all over out here. My step-daughter developed it when she went to DisneyWorld (about 2 weeks ago) and was only able to make it to the parks the last 2 days they were there. That is a nasty illness.

Let's just hope Momma stays well!


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