I Love My Soldier: what a day, what a day

Jason was activated 01/31/2005
His deployment ended
and he returned home 05/13/2006
(a very long 15 1/2 months)


Thursday, December 08, 2005

what a day, what a day

Well last night, Hayden ended up getting "sick" at his stomach (to go along with the fever he has been running). I was hoping that it would not happen, but knowing the course the virus took with Alex I was expecting it too. He only got sick a few times, ran a fever again, but slept pretty good through the night. He is doing GREAT today. No fever, no vomiting. You would not believe this is the same child who was so sick for two days. I am glad that it is over.. and now just praying that Erin or I don't get it. (I admit I was feeling kind of yucky myself yesterday, but I feel ok today).

I have lots of work to do today (this work will go on my January pay checks). I am still concerned (stressing) over how I am going to financially manage some things I need to take care of by the end of this week, and before Jason gets home on the 21st, but I am putting my faith in the Lord to work it out.

I have also been stressed over the annoyance of bills I have been getting from Jason's Hospital visit in 03/2004. As many of you know Jason was in an accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury and underwent surgery and spent a month in the NICU. We almost lost him!! Tricare was supposed to pay for everything (as he was on Active duty when the accident happened), and there was a mix-up with the hospital and they are just now billing Tricare for some of the charges. Tricare got all mixed up and started denying claims! Anyway I had to contact his Commander at the time of the accident and he got in touch with the State Military Department and they are working it all out. I just keep getting bills and phone calls for thousands and thousands of dollars.. so I am trying to make sure it is all taken care of. They have apologized and say they are working on it, but with the stress I have on me with Jason being gone, having to take care of everything I am having to do at home right now, my bills that I need to get caught up, buying groceries for Christmas etc.. this is the LAST thing I need.

Oh and yesterday this lady almost hit us in our car. We were running late to school and I was on my way to drop Alex off. Well I stopped at a three way (right by the school) and had made a complete stop, I pressed my gas to go and a lady came FLYING down the main strip, ran her stop sign and almost hit my car. I honked my horn at her. I went and dropped Alex off, and then I saw where the lady went. She too was taking her child to school. She had pulled down near the gym and I pulled in behind her. I was furious! I probably should have calmed down first, but I didn't. I rolled down my window and started screaming at her. I told her that if I had pressed my gas pedal a few seconds sooner she would have ran right into the side of my car and possibly killed my child (Alex had been sitting on that side). She starts apologizing. ."Maam I'm so sorry" over and over. I told her that obviously both of us were running late, but that it gave her no excuse to drive so fast and run a stop sign, because getting her kid to school on time wouldn't have mattered very much if she had killed mine in the process! Again she kept apologizing. I just backed up and drove off. Ok, maybe I could have handled it better (In a more Christian way - with love) but I was so mad.

Ok., well I gotta get back to work. And enough complaining out of me (like I said I blog on the "good days and the bad" - but I know you all get tired of me having so many BAD times and complaining.. I apologize). I am grateful for my family.. and the fact that my Sweetie will be here for Christmas!!!!

Have a GREAT day everyone!! Love ya. ((hugs)).


At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Hope Wilbanks said...

Glad to find your blog! My husband's been in Iraq since January. We're expecting his homecoming in just a couple more weeks. I sure wish I had found you sooner! :)


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